Bathing Suits And Bikinis Who Better To Feel You

When choosing your perfect swimsuit, you have to take into account your strengths to enhance them and also your defects to try to conceal them.

We have chosen four different body types to give you a few tips that will help you to choose your Favorites in the collection of this summer’s C&A.

Large Bust

Complexion. Large bust with little marked hips and waist.

Solution. It gives your neckline support and comfort or choose to reduce it.

Perfect style. Opt for a bra with rings and adjustable straps for a better fit or reduce it by choosing dark colors with few prints.

Perfectly Small

Complexion. Your hips and breasts are small and your waist is not well defined.

Solution. Create curves with prints and striking forms.

Perfect style. A bra bandeau, triangles or halter neck style will allow you to your décolleté to highlight. You can also opt for a push up or a necklace, that can be just as effective. Use radiant and bright colors and bold prints.

Pronounced Abdomen

Complexion. Wide waist and prominent tummy.

Solution. Highlights your legs and chest at the same time that you cover your abdomen.

Perfect style. Your best option will be a swimsuit or tankini, easily roll up when you want to pick up some color. Choose it pursed flyers and glass reinforced for extra comfort.

Wide Hips

Complexion. Your hips and thighs are wider than your bust.

Solution. Give your neckline attention while you camuflas your hips.

Perfect style. Highlights your body from waist up with a tie knotted at the neck.Complement it with a tunic and shorts for a perfect beach look.

Take The Summer Bag

In addition, If you purchase any piece of the new bathroom collection – super bikinis that you have in the Gallery, for example – in store C & A attached to the promotion and banners as this picture from your mobile phone in box, you win bag of summer.

Our expert in fashion, Raquel Pérez, offered a workshop in store C&A C/Pelayo of Barcelona where, in addition to advise and answer all kinds of questions, gave us the keys to choose the bikini or bathing suit you better feel us.