Basic Tips Of Equipment To Sleep In A Tent

Sleep in a tent may not be as comfortable as sleeping in your bed, but it’s a unique experience.

In General, to sleep comfortably will need the equipment described below according to travelationary:
Sleeping bag: there is a plethora of options for sleeping bags that vary according to the format basically, material used in manufacturing, product quality and mainly the temperature supported. Depending on how you want to use it is important to consider also the weight and volume that will be loaded.
Pillow: Many people simply do not use pillow while camping. But there are some brands that produce small, lightweight pillows specially for use on these occasions. There are also some inflatable models, which practically do not occupy volume and whose weight is insignificant. But if you don’t invest in such equipment, use your creativity! Some clothes wrapped in a towel can turn easily into a pillow. And, depending on where you want to go camping and for how long, you could even take the pillow you use normally at home. Yes, we’re not going to rule out this option, but use it with common sense. No hiking with travesseirão under his arm.
Foam mat: Has the advantage of low cost, light weight and convenience of use (no need to fill).As disadvantage little comfort, cold that passes for your body (the tip is use associated with a thermal insulator) and large volume. In fact nowadays, basically not used more mattresses of foam, since there are more evolved technologies such as those described below.
Air mattress: Has the advantage of being much more comfortable and no need to use associated with a thermal insulator (good for camps with greater structure). As disadvantage the weight (never take to treeking), higher cost when compared to the pad, Assembly time, need for auxiliary equipment to fill (bomb), besides the possibility to stick there all the comfort of the equipment goes down the drain and you’ll know what it’s like to be a restless night’s sleep.
Inflatable Single Mattress

Thermal insulator (EVA): The main function of insulation is to prevent the passage of cold from the ground to the camper’s body.They are made of rubber and EVA have some that still have aluminum foil on one side. There are various thicknesses and how much thicker, greater comfort, weight and volume. But the main advantage is that even the most thick, are quite light and are also very cheap.
Insulation of EVA / EVA aluminized Insulation
Pad Autoinflável (vinyl): Seeking to join the comfort of the inflatable mattress with the usefulness of the thermal insulator nowadays you can find products that are the “1 2:00 pm”: are the auto-infláveis mattresses. Normally, when rolled, have a similar size to that of a thermal insulator, however are heavier than those of EVA. Are called auto-infláveis because when the valve is open, he begins to absorb the air and inflates, without need of bellows or pump.Their price is well above both the inflatable mattresses and thermal insulation.