Bargain: iphone 6S with Triple-Flat in the Vodafone Network

Tariff with triple-flat at a glance

Vodafone smart-L fare in the Our site Edition 1 GB more than in the original Vodafone tariff offers a monthly data volume of 1.5 gigabytes with LTE/UMTS speed (up to 21.6 Mbps) on the Vodafone network. The action plan offers also telephone and SMS flat rates to all German networks (fixed/mobile). It costs only 39.99 Euros per month during the minimum term of 24 months. If you do not cancel it then costs 44,99 Euro per month. The one-off connection fee is eliminated, thus you save 29,99 Euro. Along with the tariff, s is the iphone 6S 16 GB with free choice of color for unique 19.95 euro. Without a contract the device when Apple 739 euros.

Data surcharge under control have

Before you have maxed out your monthly surfing quota amounting to 1.5 gigabyte once Vodafone informs you via SMS. You will then automatically receive the option speedgo enables you up to three times to extend your LTE / UMTS budget per month to each 100 megabytes for the price of 2 euros each. You do not want that you reject just slowly speedgo with the response SMS. Browse then according to the need of your inclusive budget with reduced speed by the end of the month.

To save the iphone tariff

All adult readers with German resident can order the offer by including 20 December 2015. Important: A tariff change for existing customers by saving mobile is not possible.

The Vodafone tariff smart L by saving mobile

Tariff name and network Vodafone smart L shop savings mobile offer exclusively for Our site user calls flat rate (in all German networks – mobile and landline) SMS flat rate (in the German mobile network) surf-tempo up to 21.6 Mbps for LTE/UMTS (after a need volume of included in the: 32.2 kbps) inclusive data volume 1.5 gigabyte per month (at time of booking including 20 December 2015). 25 month 1 GB/month one-time connection fee is eliminated (instead of 29.99 euros) monthly fee 39,99 EUR for the first 24 months, as from 25 44,99 Euro minimum term 24 months notice period up to three months to the end of the minimum term. You will find the contact for the termination on the invoice. You may keep your iphone after the cancellation of the tariff. One-time purchase price iphone 6 S 16 GB 19.95 euro (normal price at Apple: 739 euros) total costs over the first 24 months 979,71 euro (including Apple iphone 6 S)