Barbour Jackets in the Country Style

Barbour stands like no other for British country lifestyle. The history of the family business began in 1894 in the northern English port city South shield. The British Royal House took a liking to the mark early and there is hardly a member of the Royal family, that will be photographed and seen not on a photo with a Barbour jacket. Prince William and Prince Harry wore as toddlers Barbour jackets. The image check out.

Barbour Jackets in the Country Style

As the fashion label is the supplier of the British Royal family, Barbour confident presents the jelly coat of arms in the label.

So, the brand stands for clothing in the authentic British style. To this day, Barbour has high standards. Clothing – especially the jackets – should be long-lasting, timeless and suitable for everyday use. Also the attention to detail should not be missed. The classic Barbour wax jacket was originally intended for seafarers and fishermen. Muss(te) the jacket from Barbour be weatherproof and waterproof. This is ensured by the impregnated double stitching and the waxed cotton upper.Feed and sleeve lining provide additional heat. The lightweight nylon jackets in fashionable diagonal quilting, with corduroy collar and pockets are also typical for Barbour.

In any case, the Barbour jacket has a certain aura. It stands for success, good sense of style, taste and sense of tradition.

You got fancy Barbour? Here a selection of Barbour jackets, plus size of course.