Banned from Sports, Lance Armstrong Admits Life Is A Mess

Former Cyclist Suffers At Charity Event And Says: ‘I’m No Longer Accustomed To Climbs’

Former cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has won the Tour de France seven times but has lost his doping title, admits his life is still a mess. Almost two years after being banned from the sport, he reveals that he only rides once a week. So the American suffered to complete the course of a charity event in California.

The course was very hard. Much more than I expected. I am no longer accustomed to this kind of rises. I do not train much, not more than once a week. And when I do a bike ride, it’s with my mountain bike. And in Austin, where I live, the routes are not that mountainous-he said in an interview with the French site L’edition du Soir.

In 2012, after the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) proved through investigation that the former cyclist was involved in one of the most elaborate doping schemes in the history of world sport, the American lost his seven Volta titles from France. In early 2013, Lance Armstrong publicly confessed that he had been doped throughout his career.

Prior to his appearance at the charity event, Armstrong was barred by the United States Cycling Federation from participating in a test (Gran Hincapie, 128 kilometers) organized by former teammate George Hincapie, where former US Postal runners would be. In a statement, the US Cycling Federation explained.

Gran Fondo Hincapie is an event recognized by the USA Cycling and must respect the world anti-doping code and the regulation of the International Cycling Union (UCI). A suspended athlete (by doping) can not be part of such a test in