Backpack Buying Tips

Whenever you need an equipment more bulky than it usually is in the pockets of his pants, or for activities such as hiking, trekking, climbing, ski tours or trips subways, the backpack is essential. It allows you to organize effectively its own equipment, and enjoy the activity. Here you will find out which backpack use in individual cases.

One or more days?

Backpack is synonymous with freedom. With backpack you can reach the farthest corners of the planet, for a day or for several weeks. The backpack must be comfortable, large enough and commensurate with the activity.

Backpacks can be divided into two main categories:

  • 1 day trips/hiking/daypack (backpacks from city)
    Tiny backpacks from 10–40 litres, depending on the equipment and supplies that you want to carry.
  • Treks of several days/weeks – trekking backpacks
    Starting from 40 litres, depending on how it is meant to provide for meals and the region for the route (hot or cold).

Certain requirements must be met by backpack:

  • the load must be distributed optimally
  • the system of shoulder straps should be the right size (and posters be correctly adjusted)
  • the backpack must have an ergonomic shape and the right padding
  • freedom of movement must not under any circumstances be compromised.
  • more requirements, please follow