Baby Shower Decoration DIY Ideas

If you already have around 7 months of pregnancy, you must be thinking about all the details to receive the baby with all the love and care you deserve, don’t you?

At that moment, the baby shower is great not only to win several important things that help mom to have everything you need to take care of the baby but also to spend fun times with relatives and friends.

If you intend to make a tea for your baby, several aspects should be considered to organize it, including the decoration. Today we will give a little help on that part and show tips and pictures that will help you to make the baby shower decoration!

Tips on baby shower decoration

You should start the baby shower according to the sex of the child. The traditional colors are pink for girls and blue for boys, but you can do something different and unique, using the colors green, red or yellow to decorate. This tip is also useful if you do not know the sex of the baby.

Prefer pastels because they are more soft and pleasing to the baby shower. For a simple and inexpensive decoration, you can use and abuse of balloons. They enliven the environment and create a playful and beautiful. We’ve done a story about decorating with balloons.

As the baby shower is something more intimate with people you know, there’s no need to make elaborate décor too much. You should focus on the decoration on the table, where the guests can get snacks, sweets and everything else that is served during the tea.

Use a good towel on the table and work out the details, always use the color chosen for the baby shower. The invitations, the water bottles and other objects on the table can have the tag with the baby’s name, and you can print at home. Don’t forget to put the baby’s name on the wall.

A super cool idea is to make a clothesline with some baby clothes that you already have and also put the child’s name on the line. T o have ideas of party favors, look at the matter that we did here!