Baby Room Decoration Stores

Because the decoration is not only reserved for adults, your children are also entitled to their share of accessories and other furniture trend for their room. Give your child and this from a very young age, a bedroom beautiful, well laid out, well decorated in which it will flourish and grow. To help you in this mission Our site selected 5 e – shops for shopper decoration for kids.

Smallable trend

Smallable adventure was born on the Internet with a site before becoming also a concept-store fashion and design for the 0-16 years, offering a fine of more than 15,000 references selection and 450 four designer brands across the world. Furniture, decoration and clothing mingle in a single place where each product is carefully chosen. Eight years after its launch on the Internet, the brand is now for the whole family and enlarged its Parisian showroom located at 81 rue de Cherche-Midi in the VI district.

This “family store” privileges, the artisans who manufacture, process and create their unique hands or retailers who are committed to produce respecting best men and the environment. You will find brands stars as child Nobodinoz, Ferm Living, Bloomingville than most confidential signs from the universe of decoration as well.

Varied design

Specializing in furniture and decoration for design and original children’s rooms, DESIGN offers ecological, original pieces and practices. Reunited as generalist as sharp but still trendy brands selection: Œuf NYC green brand and trendy for kids, Bloomingville, the deco embodied Scandinavian decoration or Laurette and its charming retro furniture. You will find among other things a wide range of children’s beds (extendable bed, bed loft…), of offices and chairs for children among the brands that the site offers.

Multi-casquette, DESIGN offers plenty of small decoration for your children’s room: night lights, garlands, mat, stickers, hooks, cushions, bed linen and small storage space. A wide choice of objects of decoration design, poetic, playful, you inspire and decorate the room for the kids.

 Womb concept

Womb, an acronym for ‘World of my’ baby, is both an e-shop and a Parisian concept store dedicated to the parents. Created by Sarah of era, the site hosts products of childcare as well as a beautiful selection of decoration and furniture for children. In the concept store. a workshop space is made available to parents to prepare for the birth, yoga or cooking courses.

Womb to the needs and questions of the parents, but also responds to the needs of parents who want to decorate a room or retool for a last. The gift box for the birth of a newborn, the furniture trend, through the preparation for childbirth, Womb expresses itself around a philosophy and is for the new generation of attentive to their own parents.

Our site

Our site cultivates a passion for decoration and the taste for beautiful things. This editor works with more than 60 artists from around the world who develop and imagine a coordinated decorative universe. Our site  collections are characterised by the diversity of styles together in the heart of the catalogues. A subtle mix of basics like the carpet or tables and original creations like stickers that ECHO to new trends and the playful world of childhood.

These collaborations are intended to educate children from a young age to the art world. Collections cater to all who have an interest in creating as small as are, while emphasizing a french production. an e-shop is ideal to offer your child a ‘home sweet home’ ultra custom.


My Little Our site is an online store that offers a provided range of decoration for the children. In the program of the small decoration of brands in vogue for the bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom, while staying in the world of childhood. This e-shop is fun and easy to use, you will notably find all accessories needed for a successful for toddlers, from Christmas to birthdays party through baptisms. You will find at a glance the balloons, hats, confetti, festive dishes as well as essential in these festivities disguises.

The Nightlight rabbit ultra trend, the masking tape decorative through lunch box strawberry, bus or car for lunch, My Little Our site is a small Bazaar online, which offers deco trend and accessories cult of childhood.