Ascot Offers a Flourish More British Year

The Jubilee of Queen Isabel II of Great Britain It is by running rivers of ink, because things as they are, after a few years when the British monarchy was in the doldrums, has emerged stronger than ever. The arrival at the Windsor family of the Duchess Catherine, Nice and elegant and the Diamond Jubilee have been the British Royal family on the frontline. If we add that the Olympic Games will be this year in London and all the designers in the world to carry the Union Jack to all your designs, then here we are.

And in this climate monarchical pro, start the event most awaited by the Queen, your favorite, Ascot racing. During previous years, the world could see how vulgarizaba the most stylish event of English society, becoming, even in bad taste, so they have taken to implement a series of rules of Protocol, which we talked about, but that are going to recall, if one is thinking of a ride by the Racecourse.

The hats they have to be of adequate size, gigantic hits more own Lady Gaga as a Lady of the Empire came to an end. Mandatory to wear Hat more of 10 cm. A pamela is a sure hit, suggested by Newvilleoutdoor.

The Knights will take you from black or Grey Cup, love the Prince of Wales dress grey morning suit and top hat black. The Lords should be black shoes, morning dress or suit jacket with vest and tie … nothing neckerchief.

Before the ladies displaying cleavage and muslamen, that is over, a suit jacket or nothing spaghetti and the length of the skirts, in the purest style Coco Chanel, to the knee. The chalets are not allowed to cover, or underwear in sight. (This would not and that tell him it)

Foreigners are invited to bring their regional costume or, if you had it your military uniform. Here I ask myself, how to iríais you?