As End Points with Peyote Bracelets

Handmade finishes are wonderful, but they have hours that the prefabricated finishes and bought ready are the best options.

First learn how to make some Peyote points in our link of “Peyote” in “Technical Points”. There we offer very varied graphics for necklaces and bracelets with peyote.
Now, let’s know some ways of How to finalize with peyote bracelets using finishes ready. These metal finishes you find easy to sell in parts shops for costume jewelry according to FASHIONRULING.COM.

  1. bending Finish or pressure:

This finish is typically used on tapes and pieces of fabric. It can also be used for this type of bracelet with beads in peyote stitch. Care in time to close the piece on the beads. Be nice not to break them.

  1. finishing for several wires:

This is another very finish used in necklaces and bracelets with several wires. Connect it to the bracelet with points.

  1. magnetic Finishes:

These finishes are super cool. Just make a dot at each end-line.

  1. Buttons:

You can also do this with a button on one side of the bracelet and a ringlet of beads on the other side.

A latest model with button to finish.

5-with thick wire:

A practical and well cheaper than the other. You will need to wire more blunt a 14 gauge, 16 or 18. See table for sizes of wires in the downloads area here on the blog.