Armani Privé High Couture Spring Summer

I do not usually do Chronicles of the Haute Couture because I am unable to move to words both art and so much beauty. Noto which do not leave me the right words, and that a simple “ long skirts will be ” is a somewhat frivolous way to explain the magic of a haute couture collection. I will try to speak of the Armani Privé collection for spring 2009, but keep more images and dedicate a few minutes to watch the video on, because only in motion you can appreciate the richness of these dresses and these costumes.

With regard to the crisis, what better way to forget about it for a few minutes with the contemplation of something so sublime. However, designers don’t forget completely the crisis, and turn their eyes towards the era to the great crash of 29 bag and the time of depression that followed. That means skirts below the knee, severity and austerity. A return to the fashion of the years 30 and 40, Despite everything, was an era terribly glamorous.

That Yes, Giorgio Armani not never away from its own signs of identity and the collection offers great deal skirt and jacket suit and many long dresses ideal to wear at the next ceremony the Oscars, above all, the long dresses with strapless neckline and shiny fabrics tail.

The first part of the collection, however, is marked by the Shanghai Eastern air in the Decade of 30, thanks to jackets with shoulder pads-style Katherine Hepburn, at Brocade, to snaps with tassels, the Chinese floral designs and the silhouette sharp and narrow the time.

Despite the dark era that we live, Armani has not resigned to the color, or to the glitters, or to the sequin, or to details as the lace or the flyers, It tops sleeves and ankles.

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