Application Of Security For Smartphones

Unlike the traditional monitoring systems such as CCTV cameras (closed circuit Television) they need know-how to be installed, applications that we will see below are ideal so we can make our Smartphone security systems that we need for security applications.

As Surveillance Systems Security Applications

Presence (for free)

The app turns an iOS device into a video cameras for free according to It controls the camera live or receives significant alerts with video clips when it detects movement. participates in a two-way audio/video conversation through the c mara at home, while the subject is in motion; etc.

TinyCam Monitor (free)

This is another form of surveillance, since TinyCam Monitor allows you to connect mobile devices to IP camerasand other devices. In this way you can hide a camera wherever, in the home or at work, and check that everything is correct as it is out. With the version PRO you can connect up to 16 cameras, which you can see up to four at the same time.

iZon (free)

This application is complemented by the external camera of the same Wi-Fi manufacturer iZON 2.0 and allows you to enjoy a system of surveillance of live video with the option of record in the YouTube account and receive notifications of noise and movement on the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

IP Webcam (for free)

This application would be complementary to the previous one.IP Webcam turns your Android mobile device into a surveillance camera, and so you will see everything what is recording on another device that you have at hand. On IP Webcam video works by “streaming”, being released over the internet and can play using the VLC Player application or a Web browser.

Motion Detector Pro (for free)

Motion Detector Pro lets you transform your device in a remote surveillance system or a camera spy through a system of motion detection. Placed a device in the area that you want to watch, and if the camera detects strange movements will send an email and a text message to another phone with an image of the detected movement.

Ivideon (free)

Ivideon stands out for its simplicity. With this application you can build your own video surveillance system in less than 10 minutes and see what is happening in your home, office, etc., via the Internet, thanks to the fast access to transmissions in live video, sound recording and motion detection. It also has special features like the ability to mark your surveillance cameras in Google Maps; share access to your camera with your employees or friends; or use the motion detection to record events in places like empty rooms.