Android Smartphones are Becoming More Popular

New Record Sales of Smart Phones with the Android Operating System

Android Smartphones are Becoming More Popular

With the operating system Android 2013 over 200 million smartphones were sold in the third quarter worldwide – that emerges from the analysis of a market research company. So are smartphones with operating system Android as popular as never before.

According to market researchers Strategy Analytics 2013 world 251.4 million smartphones were sold in the third quarter – 204,4 million of which were equipped with the Android operating system. This is an increase of 57.7 percent to 2012.

The Californian company Apple has with iOS operating system sales of smartphones in the third quarter by 26.9 million to 33.8 million compared to the previous year, which were “only” 25.7 percent more. Apple is on the second place – but with clear distance. Microsoft is in third place with its operating system Windows phone – the company was able to increase 2012 2013 significantly his sales of 3.7 million smart phones in the third quarter to 10.2 million smartphones in the third quarter. Clear losers in the evaluation is the Canadian company BlackBerry – the sales of smart phones dropped from 7.4 million in the previous year to 2.5 million units this year – this is only one-third compared to the previous year.

According to analysts, increases the distance of Android in the first place to Apple as a result, that Apple is not represented with its iPhone models in the lower price segment. Precisely for this reason, users decide especially in developing for smartphones with Android. But for the fourth quarter, the market researchers see pull up better times for Apple.

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