Android or iPhone? What is the Best?

When dealing with the world of mobile phones, where we deal with fans of Android and iPhone fans arguing about which model is best, which has the best settings, the best software. Becomes almost a discussion between teams, where one side wants to prove better than the other and one tries to be the winner of the debate.

There are several aspects that should be tested on each of the operating systems and we can’t assume that an always wins over the other. That’s because there’s always going to depend on what the user wants for your phone and not what you want for your cell phone user.

If we analyze for the financial aspect, the Android WINS by far, as there are many smartphones that use Google’s operating system that are very cheap. Is an excellent accessibility and with good settings for the current level. Out that Android also offers options with two or even more chips, a very popular trend among Brazilians.

Now, in a matter of status, the iPhone WINS raised, as well as any Apple product. They are examples of design and practically all manufacturers copy a lot of the models created by the company. The iPhone was responsible for many “copies” around the world, as well as the Macbooks were also responsible for the current trend of ultrabooks.

Continuing in the comparisons, on the issue of the operating system, we have two very user friendly systems, with an intuitive design and easy to use. But the iPhone lacks in ability of customization, something that causes the Android community is far richer, especially with the custom ROMs coming out on the internet for mobile phones, optimizing its use. In addition, the mobile iPhone Bluetooth only works between them and/or accessories, limiting the hardware of the device. In fact, the iOS is a very closed system, as well as iPhones. It can ward off many people who want to give your face.

The hardware comparison, when it comes to cameras and video resolution, we have a technical draw. While the quality of iPhones for both is flawless, Android has also has excellent models, both with a giant screen and resolution, as well as a camera that takes pictures that rival professional cameras. Android offers screens of various sizes while the iPhone has just two models, the iPhone 5.

Ultimately, the option becomes a matter only of your personal tastes. If you are a person who likes the environment that Apple created for your products, you’re going to buy an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook and all products released. Who already has an Android, like a more flexible environment, not limited to a brand or manufacturer, but choosing to be more free of software limitations. It’s a matter of personal taste mixed with a bit of personal needs.