Android Marshmallow Will Be The Final Name of Android M, This Is His Statue

Google asked the week what would be the name of the next version of Android. Until then, we had known it as Android M and those of Mountain View playing with us. One of the names was shuffled was Marshmallow (these wisps of sugar eaten in the bonfires) and at the end has been so.

Everything has started earlier when the statue had been installed on the Google campus. Under a blanket, all aimed at that he would continue playing with us and leave it at that for a few days. Finally has not happened and they have already unveiled it. This is its appearance.

Guess who’s excited for the arrival of Android M? (More excitement coming soon: our site.

— Android (@Android) August 17, 2015

With this tweet, Android encouraged us continue the intrigue about the statue of the new Android and most importantly: what would be the final name. It has not been Macadamian Nut Cake (it was quite long) or Mars (not repeat the agreement as with KitKat). This time it is a very typical sweet of United States and that in the case of Spain always has eaten as if they were sponges or clouds.

Little intrigue has lasted but now there is something more important still. When will you leave Android M and when they will get the new Nexus? Today LG model has left view on a couple of occasions and it seems that between now and October, the tentative month for your release, we will enjoy more leaks.

Introducing #AndroidMarshmallow. Learn more about our latest sweet our site.

— Android (@Android) August 17, 2015

Android 6.0, not 5.X

Taking advantage of the placement of the statue, Google took the opportunity to update the SDK and the third preview for developers of Android M. One of the most important changes at first glance is that Marshmallow will be the 6.0 version of Android and will not continue with the 5, how he had speculated on more than one occasion.