Android M This Was The Update That We Deserved and Needed

It smells to disappointment in the Android world after Google I/O yesterday. Many speak of few announcements, opinion, I do not agree, and few new features in the next version of Android. It’s true, They focused on six points but I think that not is is rating on its fair measure the good which has to offer us this update. It may be one of the more discreet advances, Yes, but one of the most important.

Said Commissioner Gordon that Batman was the hero that Gotham is deserved but it is not that they needed at this time. It is not our hero, is a silent guardian, an observant guard. You might want to hunt down Android M, but this update is that deserved us users and which also need at this time because Lollipop, was not as bright as it seemed.

Performance on cosmetic changes

Lollipop was the arrival of a new design lines to Android: Material Design. Since its launch last year we have heard them in the soup since many developers have decided to adopt them. It was a change for the better, with many improvements and some other but but Android M was not, nor is a version to introduce radical changes.

Today the Android interface, without customizations, works. Point. No need to take a new leap. There are some things that have been changed in M but are subtle changes. It’s time to remove these ideas of the head because this new version will not aesthetic (although some changes there), ranges from performance, something that has not been as present in Lollipop. It is time to redress the balance.

Android M comes to do the dirty work that Lollipop, the pretty face, unwilling to do. To fix all the problems that have appeared. This is Android M and its importance can be very large. More substantially, in addition, is something that we will notice the users. Doze as method to save battery life sounds much more efficient than Project Volta, it seems that this time Google that has taken the key with the management of resources and the autonomy of the terminals.

It is true that some developments do not affect us, for the time being. Android Pay works well (what we can know through our colleagues on the other side of the pond), but still so it is implemented in other countries. There are also things that soon will come, as an API for fingerprint recognition. This will probably make that more manufacturers may decide to join their mobile sensors. In addition, let’s not kid ourselves, current technology works very well: the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Huawei Ascend Mate 7 give proof of this. To me, personally, is my next mobile I would like to have.

There are subtle details that is not paying attention: the custom tabs to make the web experience more fluid and not entail abrupt jumps between apps is a joy and the connection between verified applications promises to make more quick and useful classic option share of Android. There are small things that we will not see, as the great intelligence of Google Now, but the orientation to make your mobile phone or tablet device better and more efficient is clear and going in the right direction.

Permissions, on the other hand, are an interesting addition to the users advanced but I don’t clear to make it the best choice for people of a foot. At the end, so many questions when using PPPs can end up getting tired. Here I have my doubts, in spite of the many benefits and scares which we can avoid.

The points that make up the big M

Apart from these six appendices, Google hinted at the end of the presentation of M toOME fragments that built all together a huge M. All that’s left to come, small nuances that you will discover these days: volume control, support for screen item by default… If this update of Android not interested, I do not understand very well what you expect Google yesterday. For real.

It is not update more media but if meets all what they say, It will be one of the greatest advances in the history of Android. A passage to maturity as operating system that is increasingly closer but still did not get it to play all.

Always problems: OEM and updates

There is something with which Google should worry about, if you are not doing so already. Submit a new version of Android is without a doubt a great news if it wasn’t because 9.7% (according to the latest official data) use Lollipop. The pace of adoption of Android 5.0 has been very low, and this should make alarm bells on Google.

It is clear that Android was born with pretensions of being a fragmented platform but talk about new features, much that is a developer event, when not one tenth of users have the latest version seems worrying. We hope that manufacturers (not only those of mobile and tablets but also those who make SoC) a little espabilen this time.

Another fear is that all the innovations that have been presented at I/o are later buried by layers of software that nullify the efforts of Google in some cases. Not always, and here it seems that major developments should continue intact, but we already know how spend them.

With all this, and despite the general yawn by many Android users, I expect great things from Android M. It has a difficult mission but if he succeeds, he will succeed in being everything you tried to be Lollipop but did not achieve. You look forward to, if it is that OnePlus does not take long to update my One, clear.