Also The iPhone 6s To Be A 8 MP Camera

And again “only” 8 Megapixels: while the competition already relies on 16, 20 and more megapixels, Apple will remain may once again at the traditional resolution of its predecessor at the iPhone 6 s. This means not that the camera could be the iPhone 6 s not yet better than iPhone in the iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

After the iPhone 6 is iPhone 6 s known before – in this case that means: preparations for Apple’s upcoming Smartphone generation are already up and running. Against this background, analyst Jeff looks Pu in a report of the Taipei times on Apple’s main supplier for camera lenses, Largan precision. According to Pu, this should expect no big growth, hence no large purchase of tens of millions of lenses for higher resolution iPhone cameras.

Sets This iPhone 6s Again Features On It Instead Of Mega Pixels?

Who like to compare numbers on data sheets, will be disappointed by this news – but does not need it. Although, Apple has now four generations of iPhone on the identical photo resolution of 8 megapixels. The difference in quality between the 8-MP-comers iPhone 4S and the iPhone 6 cameras and iPhone 6 plus is clearly visible. Apple has turned in favor of photo – and video recordings simply on other set screws instead of to engage on the megapixel madness.

The previous rumors to the camera of the iPhone 6s can be expected anyway, no change of course at Apple. Instead of more megapixels optical zoom and photos on qualitative par with SLR cameras is there. Since this is iPhone 6 so well his camera might be, but long time not yet arrived, shows pretty clearly like this photo-comparison.

Also The iPhone 6s To Be A 8 MP Camera