Ailanto Spring-Summer: Get an Outfit of Each

After finishing the post, he recounts many of the outfits have made you cry I ask it! If they are all (as in my case), Ailanto are in luck, because that means that it is a saleable collection and is precisely what you seek one of the designers most entrenched in the Madrid pasarela and Spanish fashion, which exports to U.S. stores as exquisite as Anthropologie and that, even in these times, they add to their store in Barcelona a new store in Madrid, Orellana 14. Doing well and I’m happy for them.

Solid colors

The collection for the next spring-summer 2013 It is full of bright colors and cheerful, and many prints, of course. For inspiration, they have resorted to a stately home designed by Gio Ponti in the hills of Caracas (Venezuela).

Strong colors and shocking as the blue and Red combinations give joy to the collection.

The combination blouse and bermudas It replaces the sometimes omnipresent dress and these blouses earn presence thanks to the ornate collars, yokes, breast and minivolantes.

Exotic prints

Forms of diamond of the paving of the town take to assault some pants. Great also the summer coats and jackets with sleeve French. Find best on Nonprofitdictionary.

While the cockatoos and toucans of Venezuela invading light dresses.

The brothers of Ailanto they can afford to bring originality (since they do not with the silhouettes) through prints, personally designed them and create them exclusively for their collections. So get the differentiating point against others.

Bring the flirty detail necklaces and belts in a loop.


The most striking of the collection is the original game overlays: tunics on dresses, dresses, that keep the lightness thanks to transparencies and crepe, chiffon and organza fabrics. As a result some romantic ideal lingerie dresses for summer.

That said, I want the entire collection!