Ailanto at Pasarela Cibeles Spring-Summer

Once again the parade of Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz He has been outstanding. And it is that I cannot see the wonderful dresses that design. For the next Spring-Summer 2009, Morocco is the starting point. Women Ailanto, restless and Traveler, thus becomes a contemporary Odalisque in which the exoticism of North Africa merges with the urban aesthetics of the 80.

The Muñoz Brothers return to bet by the femininity to dress a woman traveller and urban with silhouettes dressed in fabrics and colors inspired by the creative world of Henri Matisse. Bedouin sheets, tapestries, embroidered treasures that the painter… he collected in his studio in Nice and which extracted the essence of part of his paintings. And everything in the purest hippie style.

Overlapping of garments and contrasting volumes, straight ahead and voluminous dresses with pin tuck, ruffles and folds back. Garments that wrapped the body with irregular folds, draped tunics, Saharan and military trench coats male, skirt with pleats, small jackets and large blousons over cigarette pants or picked up at the ankle to the harem style.

Cybele was stained from colorful, as if a rainbow were, with garments in raw, sand, khaki, the classic black and white and pink, coral, lavender blue and sky blue, both plain and printed.

Variety also in tissues, their creations are made with Ottoman in linen, lace cotton, muselin of silk, cotton and printed silk sheer patterned “matisse”. Also dotted cotton stripes and burlap with vegetable jackard.

And as complements to the necklaces and bracelets XXL, teak and gold, with dice, dominoes and chess embedded parts. Maxi-bags of leather and suede patchwork or with reliefs figurative, ideal to make everything fit us.

And it is these brothers to think about everything.