Adolfo Dominguez, Autumn-Winter at the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

The second day of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week It had between them to one of the great Spanish fashion: Adolfo Dominguez. The collection of Galician, which paraded along with another countryman yours, Roberto Verino, It was certainly one of the most eagerly awaited, not only by his vanguardisticas tendencies, but as one more fixed and sure of the State of health of Spanish fashion indicators.

And certainly it did not disappoint. We cannot remain calm because we continue to be one of the benchmarks of the international fashion and, most importantly, to continue providing fresh and new ideas.

If we want to make a summary of it is what we are going to find us in his new collection, we can define it as a return to his roots, a return to the 1980s, the Golden in that era immortal slogan, ‘Wrinkle is beautiful’, it captured an entire generation in the world of fashion.

Adolfo Dominguez has opted for the use of fabrics with more body, weight and shape, against previous collections. The chromatic range is cooled and shades of blue, gray and dark again that of course they sang to perfection with Michael Nyman, who played the main theme from the piano to open the parade and then returned to play a short piece to close it.

It is not what we are accustomed, as always its vivid colors had flooded the runway, even in the autumn-winter, but it had already announced that this year was seeking sobriety and elegance in dark colors.

The models were dressed in crepe, moire, alpacas and point, with a special participation of the based many of his clothes (darker models but it makes them lighter in contrast) and with a special emphasis on the use of the gathers.

Most asymmetrical cuts also make mischief in garments as emblematic as the short coats without lapels and crossed not only provide touches of discordant in the symmetry of the whole but also, together with the use of colors terreos and linked to the Earth that gives them)olive, ochre, Red Brown…), aims to establish a deeper and more sentimental link. That garment speaks to us.

On the contrary, we found a version of most urban man, with jeans, fleece jackets, t-shirts… items more ‘wearable‘ and that to allow combining without any kind of aesthetic impairment.

The pants in general and without that there is (or at least that I remember and in view of the photos) no exception, tend to be broad, seeking an increase in the volume and comfort without abandoning the dark tones. It is the motif of the entire collection leif.

Add-ins they follow the same line of the whole collection: dark colors, without many reasons and trying not to be as discrete as possible. New asymmetrical cuts and obsession because garments earn volume is reflected even in the shoes or accessories.

An offending collection that have personally found me very innovative and successful, where it tries to give a twist to the concept of elegance in these seasons and in which they try to capture, for the new season, endless expressions and feelings helped colors, tones and above all cuts of your garments.