Accessories to a Montage of Classic Furniture?

A Classic Piece of Furniture Is Easily Recognizable By the Elegance of Its Sculpted Forms. Whether You Are a Chair, a Table Or a Storage Cabinet, Assembly of Classic Furniture Often Requires The Talent of Cabinetmaker.

A classic piece of furniture is easily recognizable by the elegance of its sculpted forms, according to DICTfurniture. Whether you are a Chair, a table or a storage cabinet, Assembly of classic furniture often requires the talent of cabinetmaker. Outside parts of wood or upholstery so that padding, the knowledge of a few essential to mounting accessories can you help.

Accessories for classic furniture: ankles, glues

Classic furniture are usually devoid of nail. Fixing of parts between them depend on the system of Assembly parts: for the fixation in end to end or grooves or dovetail, need you effective wood glue. For joins to reinforced tabs, pegs or dowels will be better suited. In other cases, need you false lips calibrated. On some furniture, the use of seed was accepted.

Accessories for classic furniture: reinforcements

In order to support the corners, inside a couch, for example, you can put backup or inlet universal angle brackets. For flat parts side by side, the right Assembly blocks can make solidarity, as in the case of a coffee table or the top of a dresser. The screws can be tolerated provided they are discreet. Reinforcement accessories will be invisible inside your room. However, some parts are designed to be visible: case of some laitonnees fittings. Need you hooks and spikes to attach fabrics for upholstered furniture.

Accessories for classic furniture: pieces of ornamentation

In the case where you mount cabinets, pay special attention to the choice of the hinges and the inserting. Well adapt the model to the style of your furniture. The parts in brass or copper are more marked. For hardware, so much the better if you can find starry screws brass. Prefer screws for wood. The key is to not to betray the cohesion of style. Repeat the same spirit for the lock if your furniture in a. same for handles.