A Wall Clock Made with Buttons

Practical, beautiful and fully functional, this clock characterized by the use of buttons in its realization, is ideal for decorating any corner of our home. If you want to learn how to do it, take paper and pencil and keep reading.

Its bright and lively design will give our stay that touch of originality that we were looking for. The materials that were used for its realization are some buttons of colors … 12 to be exact. Then a clock machine was installed, with needles included. For the fabric we will look for the one we like best and attract attention. In this case we opted for a smooth cloth, with clear and elegant colors, highlighting the vivid hues of the buttons.

The realization of the clock is not very complicated. In the frame we have assembled the fabric and cut the surplus. Then the respective buttons have been sewn, which will simulate the typical numbers and finally we have mounted the clock machine and ready… directly to locate it in any of our rooms.

It is quite simple to integrate this type of wall clocks. The versatility of this activity, allows us to select fun fabrics and patterns that we like. We can change the manuality as we wish. This is just a suggestion that I hope will work for you.

Today wall clocks are shown as interesting timeless objects that, due to their functionality and their curious and beautiful designs, become indispensable elements in our homes.

The wide variety of designs make us have unlimited possibilities when decorating our rooms. The great brand RoiAtrasa presents its collection of watches. Its shapes will enrich highlighting the wall of any room of our home, office or premises.

Their designs are made of glass or screen-printed steel; The wall clocks are of limited series. Besides this house offers us the great possibility of personalizing our orders.

Also in RoiAtrasa have a curious line of standing watches. Some of these creations are own and others custom.

This young company has been covered by individuals and studies of interior design and decoration that have entrusted their designs to the fresh and innovative ideas of this company. Their designs put a point and apart, opening trends, towards a different manufacture of decorative clocks.

Watches are original and decorative objects with which to advertise an image, which is why RoiAtrasa also makes watches intended for this purpose.