A Casual Look East Friday to Chic

In many offices Friday is considered the most casual day, where the look can be more relaxed, more relaxed almost. Women embellezzia must always be perfect, but today I want to share with you this bet look: dress of Alexander McQueen, fleece of Stella McCartney, a pair of shoes from Yves Saint Laurent and a bag of Marc Jacobs.

The choice of these three items is simple. Dress, straight, long sleeves and neck to the box. It is made in wool, so it is perfect for these winter days. Colors cool, without attracting too much attention but the style of British designer.

The fleece jacket Stella McCartney. A classic for the informal touch to any look. A wide jacket wool, but without losing class. Flap wide, long, not take anything else to look day perfect. Same key that dress and chic.

The perfect detail, shoes. Towering, Yes, but we are working and not walk, and with this look not go flat very Friday that is. Even if you are sure that I have not seen anyone thus covering any sport but yes on wheels of fashion press. Yves Saint Laurent has this model perfect gray, supported by Picktrue.

You can not miss a bag. Fashion grey broad, skin, and perfect to go to work, go out at noon, drink with the compaeneros, go to the movies and even an appointment mid afternoon. You will not need to change the look. This option is of Marc Jacobs.

What do you think of this look for Friday?