7 Tips for the Future Mom

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase of life, with much hope for the future to come. However, it is also a time of many doubts, especially in first-time moms.

7 Tips for the Future Mom

If this is your case then we leave here 7 tips for the future mom that will help her in the first months of her baby’s life. Check out.

Tips for the future mom

Tip # 1
Unless you can not, for health reasons, breastfeed your baby in the first few months of life.

In the early days it may seem complicated to give the breast to the baby, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you will see that it costs nothing, and your baby will enjoy all the benefits of breast milk.

The baby should be breastfed in the early days whenever he feels hungry, being essential that he empties both breasts, so as not to cause pain in the mother.

After you nurse, you should put the child to burp. Do not forget to always clean your breasts with saline before you breastfeed.

Tip # 2
To wash your baby in the early stages you should preferably use cotton with warm, boiled water using a mild soap. You should avoid using perfumes and talc as they can create allergy.

Tip # 3 You
should always wear your child’s clothes with appropriate temperature. She needs to be warm yes, but if the temperature is already high, you should wear light clothing.

Tip # 4
The hands are the part of the human body that comes into contact with everything around us. Thus, it is natural that they are one of the most common means of disease transmission. That way, to avoid problems, always wash your hands before picking up the baby. Also, avoid contact with people who have contagious diseases.

Tip # 5
When your baby cries, it is not always hunger or thirst. The cramps, the dirty diaper, even a more tense environment at home after a discussion between parents, can generate in the child crying and discomfort.

Remember that at this stage, the only way the baby has to communicate is through crying.

Tip # 6
After birth it is essential that you follow the national vaccination plan, but also that you take the necessary tests, such as the test of the foot (disease detection), red light (sight), and ear (hearing) .

If you notice something wrong with your baby, do not wait: take it to the doctor right away.

Tip # 7
Never medicate your child without a prescription.