6 Important Care You Must Have with Your Fishing Rod

Keep the equipment well maintained is an attention necessary to guarantee a good fishing so you do not lose income and neither suffers from the losses of encountering damaged tools. The fishing rod, for example, is one of the most important equipment for a good experience in the fishery, and therefore needs to be extra careful on maintenance and upkeep. So that your stick lasts much longer, check out six important care you should have with her!

Choose the sinker correctly

Evaluate the sinker to be chosen is key to taking care of your conservation fishing rod . Each stick supports a maximum weight and choose a heavy sinker for your stick can make her finish breaking.

Use the right stick for each fishery

A oceanic fishery does not have the same needs in fishing ravine and is therefore correct to think about stick for each type of fishing. A fishing pole that requires greater effort, for example, requires that a reinforced model. Use the rod to the fishing type chosen can cause not only you lose efficiency, but that your rod end up breaking or suffering damage.

The fishing rod transport correctly

Let the fishing rod you do not have a special protection during transport may cause her to suffer impacts that can be harmful to your performance. Transporting the stick, how to use a tube for transport, makes the rod last longer and stay more conserved.

Keep the rod in the correct position

Your fishing rod should be kept between fishing or other upright, as this prevents her to end up warping or acquiring an unwelcome memory. The ideal is to have a space reserved exclusively for the storage of the stick away from impacts and factors such as moisture and sunlight.

You can also use the transport tube to hold the stick, saving space and ensuring that it is protected at all times.

Do the cleaning after each fishing trip

The return of fishing, as much as your stick is apparently clean, it is important to use water and neutral SOAP for a thorough cleaning. This cleaning is essential in the case of saltwater fishing, as it will be responsible for removing sand and salt, preventing the oxidation and the corrosion of components.

Ideally, the fishing rod dry in the shade to prevent stains on painting and the use of corrosive products is vetoed. If the Rod has Cork cable is even more important to promote correct drying so that the region won’t end bowing.

Take care of the cast

Learn how to throw properly is also a careful maintenance of your fishing rod since a pitch made of incorrectly can make her bend, suffer impacts and even finish breaking. So, always keep the spleen in place at the time of the pitch – generally, 90 degrees – and do the release accurately without exerting excessive pressure on the stick. If your fishing rod is flexible, you can make the launch with the movement known as whip, as in the case of fly fishing.

Have some care with the fishing rod such as those relating to the your shipping, storage and cleaning, ensure that your fishing equipment lasts much longer and is more efficient. What are your care with your fishing rod? Do you own any special trick? Be sure to comment and participate.

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