6 Common Errors In Home Security

Security at home

How to protect my home from theft

Sometimes we are confident that our housing is fully protected by alarms or security cameras, but there are errors that are frequently committed that may put at risk the security of your home. Then some bugs that could be happening in your home:

  • Choosing the wrong security team

Not all cameras and security alarms work similarly. An exterior camera cannot be used in the interior and vice versa. You must know the different systems to choose the right one for your home and not put at risk the safety of their loved ones.

  • Not ensure what we throw away

Often we throw the trash on the outside of the home boxes and wrappers of our new technological equipment. This is a dangerous practice, since the thief will know the merchandise that is in your home, and will know what to look for, making it an easy target. We recommend to get rid of boxes of valuable items and receipts away from home.

  • Do not activate alarms or security cameras every day

It is important to use safety equipment always, regardless of whether you plan to return immediately or will remain in your home. Thefts occur in the least expected moments, but take two extra minutes of your time to activate the safety equipment, try to make your home safe.

  • Not to protect the top of our House

On many occasions we care about providing assurance to the first floor of the House and forget about the second floor. Thieves take that into account and that will be its aim of entry. The balconies and windows of that level should have the same protection, or even more.

  • Very predictable access passwords

All time have used important dates, family and pet names as a key once. However, for the alarm system, it is of utmost importance set a different code and more complex.