6 Coisas que deve fazer antes de Engravidar

Getting pregnant is a natural process, but one that can and should be planned for two. Look out for the things you should do before you become pregnant.

6 Coisas que deve fazer antes de Engravidar

When a relationship is stable it is natural for the couple to start making plans to raise the family.

A pregnancy should be planned some time before starting the workouts.

Before taking such an important step in the life of any woman and couple there are some things they must do to ensure a healthy pregnancy and without major mishaps.

What to do before getting pregnant


The first step is for the couple to talk about it, analyze the pros and cons. Having a child is wonderful but the couple should be prepared for the changes that a child brings.

The changes are not only financial but also emotional.


A few months before (2 or 3) the couple should go to the doctor to perform routine exams and find out if everything is okay.

At this point the doctor will indicate the best time to stop taking the anti-blocking pill or other method you are taking and prescribe folic acid.

# 3

Begin by adopting a healthier lifestyle, start by decreasing the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and decrease or quit smoking altogether.

Prepare the body for this special moment in the life of a couple. If you are overweight consult a nutritionist and invest in a healthy and balanced diet.

# 4

Having a child has some extra costs, stroller, strollers, layette, vaccines outside the national vaccination plan, start by making a small stocking feet to prepare for the arrival of the baby.

# 5

Enjoy making programs for two and with friends.

Take advantage of that dream trip, to go to the movies, restaurants and the theater.

In the first few months of a baby’s life this requires a lot of care and it will have some difficulty to have time for you and the couple.

# 6

Only a few lucky ones get pregnant in the first few months of trying. Enjoy to relax a lot, do fun activities and relax. Stress is one of the worst enemies for anyone trying to get pregnant.