6 Beauty Products You Should Never Share

Notice the generosity, in this case. There are some products that you use for your beauty that you should never share with anyone! Find out what and why.
Makeup on together for us women is a fun experience.
It is recommended, it gives us a hand, you invent something new … and often happens to share a few brush or lipstick !
You were wrong!

Without knowing it we could take some infection.
So let’s keep our narrow beauty case and read this article to know what are the six beauty products that we absolutely must not share … even with our best friend!

1. The eyeshadows
Maybe your friend has an eye shadow of a fantastic color, just what’s good about the ‘ dress you’re wearing and you have not yet had the time to buy.
Resist the temptation and not to ask .
Share eye shadows (but also mascara) can lead, in the worst case, to take the conjunctivitis .
In fact, the mucosa of our eyes is a kind of preferential entry for bacteria, that if you are registered on the tricks of our friend will not hesitate to attack us.

2. The razor
Your friend has an emergency and supplicant asks you to lend a razor?
Keep a hard line and denies … you’re doing it for his own good!
In fact, a razor can cut and the blood that may have been trapped, although then it was rinsed, leaving some bacteria.
You may incur if you cut with a razor does not own, in a not too serious infection , but you can also take the ‘ hepatitis .
Do not!

3. Brushes
The brush of your friend is much nicer than yours and it seems to work better, but still avoids borrow.
The brushes are in fact the perfect home for bacteria , because they are often used with the make up wet products (such as foundation ) and are left in the same humid environments (like the bathroom).
Then use the brush to dust himself means someone else on the face of its bacteria and risking a ‘ infection … that ugly prospect!

4. The creams in jars
No, even if you have dry hands do not dip your finger into moisturizer someone else.
In fact, every time someone dips a finger in a jar of cream, the “contaminated” with bacteria it has on hand.
So if you want to avoid spalmarti the bacteria on other people, use only your creams.
And, in any case, also you washed your hands before applying!

5. The cleaning brush facial
Maybe you’ve started using it recently and we’re so pleased that your friends will want to try it.
Of course, they can do so, but not with your own!
The bristles are in fact an accumulation of dead cells and sebum, which the bacteria feed, and likely to cause’ infection to the skin of your girlfriends.
You yourself mentioned that the brush should be cleaned after each use and always should be changed every three months.

6. I rossetti
Did you know that with a lipstick you can pass the cold or a hidden fever?
This is because the mouth is a great place where bacteria can settle.
Better that each continues to use its own lipstick!