5 Tips for Wearing Wrist Watches in Summer

Summer is the time of short and light clothing, the Loafers and Espandrillos and the graphic tees with turned up sleeves. However, when selected carefully, the watch can also occupy an important place in a perfectly coordinated summer outfit. Here are five tips for wearing wrist watches in the warm season.

5 Tips for Wearing Wrist Watches in Summer

1. Small Watch Case

In general, wristwatches should be brought into the game particularly subtly in the summer. Depending on the size of the wrist, we therefore recommend watches with housing diameters of 40 millimeters and below.Firstly, smaller clocks suggest a certain ease and high wearing comfort for the warm season, and secondly, the overall proportions would no longer be correct. Especially when short clothes are worn, watches appear disproportionately large.

2. Bright Dials

It is no coincidence that the summer is fashioned from a light color. This is true not only for clothing, but also for the watch. Bright colors convey a certain lightness and warmth and roundly arranged outfits for the summer harmoniously. In addition to white dials, creamy, silver, light gray or champagne colors are particularly suitable.

3. Colored Accents

Colored accents give the watch a fresh and slightly summery note.Nevertheless, one should not let the happy colors play. After all, the watch is supposed to be a detail of a completely coherent appearance and not the entire outfit.

4. Golden Case

One possibility for a summer watchlook are gilded housings or those from solid gold. Since gold is associated with the warm color spectrum, it makes sense to integrate the sunshine of the precious metal into summery outfits. Especially in the case of golden housings one should have to rely on reduced designs and moderate sizes.

5. Textile Bracelets

Even if you do not have a classic summer watch and you do not want to buy a new watch for the July-August season, you can simply give the watch a summery note. NATO and Perlon bracelets are offered in a wide range of color variations and give a summery twist, especially elegant and reduced watch design. Particularly practical with Nato-Straps is the simple change of the wristband, for which one is completely without tools. So you can adjust the clock every day according to the outfit. If you love metal bracelets, Milanaise bracelets can also be an alternative to heavier steel bracelets with more massive limbs.