5 Tips For Shooting With The Galaxy Note 3

Shooting with modern smartphones nowadays is great fun because the quality of the recordings is very high. With the built-in 8-megapixel camera, that note 3 is installed in the Samsung Galaxy, you can shoot stunning photos. With the right settings, you can even improve the recording quality. In our guide, we tell you what they are.

5 Tips For Shooting With The Galaxy Note 3

Resolution And ISO Value

Goes note 3 in your Galaxy camera settings, open the camera app and click on the little gear. Check the resolution of your Smartphone takes pictures in the subsequent menu. Makes sure that it is set to 8 mega pixels or 3264 x 2448 pixels. Also, you should pay attention to the correct setting of the ISO value, because the lower it is, the less image noise appears on your photos. And that automatically leads to an improved quality of the recordings, which makes her touch 3 with the Galaxy. Therefore, it sets the ISO value ideally to 100. This setting provides you only good images, if the light conditions are also. Where: the darker the surroundings, the ISO value you selected should be higher. Noise is therefore hard to avoid if you want no shaky or too dark images at night.

The Courage To Close Up

The closer it approaches to a subject, the photo is the better. Carried away you note 3 so not a typical spontaneous snapshot with your Galaxy! Initially considered the object from different angles on the screen and only then press the shutter button when you achieve the best possible effect. Goes to the chosen subject, because a flower meadow comes across as much better, as soon as it scans only a few a few flowers from nearby. If you have seen a concrete motive, then goes to as close to as possible and take a little single body posture when shooting the photos in purchase – it’s worth.

Two Hands Operate Better Than One

Shaky and blurred photos often result from a shaky hand, pressing the shutter button. Therefore, your Galaxy operated always two hands 3 when shooting a photo note. Especially in landscape mode, you can stabilize your Smartphone just fine with both hands and operate with a thumb. Special stands for smartphones are recommended for keeping extra quiet. Especially for night shots, it is worth to work with such a stand.

Pay Attention To A Clean Lens

The lens of a Smartphone is not very large, so that even the smallest speck of dust disruptive can affect a photo. Looks so rated 3 and away any dirt, which is located on before shooting on the lens of your Galaxy. Used for the best a fine micro-fibre or a glasses cleaning cloth. Avoids paper handkerchiefs, as this can cause scratches.

Tag Pictures With The Pen S

With the pen of the Galaxy S, rated 3 can provide you your photos on the back as well as on the photo directly with notes. If you want to label the back of the image, then calls the Gallery first and selects the desired photo. Now it opens the menu with the button links next to the home button and click on the “Photo note” point. Your photo then turns around and you can see the back. Now you selects the pencil icon and then the desired writing tool as well as color and font thickness above the menu bar. Now you can get started with the lettering of your image. After you save you can see a small dog’s ear, upper right in the corner of your image what you recognize that you have provided this photo with a note.

To label the front of the image, the selected photo types at once and selects the point “Edit” in the menu. Type in “Drawing” from the next menu and then selects the pen and already you can get started with the label.


  • Look in the settings of your camera on a high resolution and the correct ISO value
  • Approaches as close as possible to your chosen subject
  • Take your Galaxy note 3 when shooting always in both hands
  • Always pays attention to a clean lens
  • Your recordings later labeled the pen S