5 Jeans Inspired by Folk

The folk style is basically a mix of the alternative style with the boho style, which we know of. It’s a style that rocked a lot there in the 70s/80s. It was inspiration for those who liked to have style and authenticity, and of course, that our beloved denim was always in these looks.

As fashion loves to cast trends with that retro perfume, folk style and boho are super high. If you want to differentiate your style of dress and would like to bet on something new with style, you can certainly play in folk style.

Just take a look at the folk dress tips with jeans that we separate for you to try out. Then tell us what you think!

5 Ways To Wear Jeans In Folk Style

1-Bet On The Jeans Shirt

The jeans shirt is wild in alternative looks. Combine a denim shirt with a short flowery or ethnic patterned skirt. Choose a short black boot and a black shoulder bag.

2-Jeans Vest+Long Skirt

Perfect combo that has that cute little song of folk. Just combine a long printed skirt, a white T-shirt or tank top and a very light wash jeans vest with frayed.

A caramel-colored straps and a caramel pouch close the perfect look for the day.

3-Skinny And Above All

In this cold little folk look with jeans that you can bet is the combination of dark skinny jeans, a white shirt with a print and a brown knit overcoat.

The details of the look go to a short black leather boot and a black fringed shoulder bag. If you want to wear a black panama hat, it’s perfect.

4-Short Jeans Hot Pant+Kimono+Fringe Boot

Another combo that can not miss in their looks in the folk style. Simply combine a light-hot wash pant and a folded bar, a very thin caramel-colored belt and a white tank top.

Choose to make the production, a kimono all detailed in ethnic print and finish with a fringe boot, which is super high in the caramel color.

5-Flare Jeans+Jeans Vest+Suede

Suede is also a trademark of folk style. You can find this fabric in bags, boots, skirts tops and dresses. A combo all jeans with suede is wildcard to bet on the folk style, look:

Tip of the look: Choose a very light wash flare jeans, a suede top in caramel color and a same or darker wash jeans vest. Bet on a fine toffee boot and a caramel-colored belt.

Now there are no more excuses to innovate your wardrobe with folk parts. The style is booming in street fashion and it’s more than time for you to wear it too.What did you think of these combinations? Which one is more your face? Tell us!