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Month: July 2017

Want To Choose The Ideal Bra? Give Us Some Tips!

A bra, besides beautiful, of course, needs to be comfortable! Many women do not give importance to this piece that accompanies us sometimes throughout the day, and on top has the power to lift or overturn any look. One thing is certain: when we are safe and comfortable, we naturally can do the day-to-day tasks more easily! Thinking about this, we separate here some tips to not miss more time to buy this indispensable piece in our wardrobe:

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Glass Magnetic Panels As Personal Memorial Wall

Dekoideen for kitchen with writing desks

Recordable magnetic boards are not only a look in every kitchen – thanks to the robust surface made of glass and the practical pin to be attached, they are also the ideal background for notes. The possibilities for using the writing board kitchen are extremely varied. For example, they can be used as a collection point for shopping carts (which simplifies the next purchase of the week). Thanks to the magnetic surface, the handwritten shopping slips can be quickly and easily adhered to the writing board kitchen. The magnets required for this are, of course, included in the scope of delivery. If desired, however, other magnets can also be used. Together with the beautifully designed motifs of the magnetic boards you can get such a great, coherent design object in the kitchen. And it is practical! Continue reading Glass Magnetic Panels As Personal Memorial Wall

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Night Fashion! Its Stylish And Chemises

Although most together spent moments of sleep, over the selection of Pajamas you would not throw up our hands. You spend the night in letitém trick, you merely partner? It is high time to go on a shopping spree!

If you come to the language of the word about unnecessary investment, posčítejte a, how much you spend normally for clothes and accessories. What is the contrast, one new pair of pajamas? In addition, do you spend in bed (or would at least have to spend), almost the same number of hours as in the work.

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Tricks And Tips

Prevent Rust Hooks

To open a package with new fish hooks begins the process of oxidation. The best process to avoid the oxidation and the consequent deterioration would put the hooks in the vacuum thereby preventing the oxygen reacts with the material of the hook. A simple and effective process is, wrap the hooks with aluminum foil commonly used in kitchens, aluminum creates an outer layer oxidized (alumina) and terminates the process after this layer, protecting the hooks in your interior. Even for relatively short periods of exposure to air, especially the dewlap (NIB) of the hook, is oxidized losing your resistance (part more easily) and is less sharp (greater difficulty in capturing their prey).

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Holle Fairy Tale Costume Itself Making Woman

Mrs. Holle is a beautiful fairy tale costume, what is also well suited for the street carnival, because it can be styled very “dressed”.

I would like to teach a better if you think, that would be just for older ladies.

Woman is called Holle is an old German mythology, Holda also, with many manifestations, the version of the Brothers Grimm is just one of them. Continue reading Holle Fairy Tale Costume Itself Making Woman

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The Bicycle Revolution In Lisbon

Because of work, I have been out of place in Hanover, in Germany, for almost 1 month.

Hanover is the greenest city of Germany, with 200 km2, it’s twice the size of the city of Lisbon, and the same number of inhabitants. “Eilenriede forest” is “delighted” the city and the lake Maschsee “is located right in the city centre, with 2.5 km long. There’s no excuse not to practice sport: walking, jogging, skating, cycling, sailing and swimming, you name it.

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Rockabilly Hairstyle – Cute Curls with Hair Comb

Voila! A typical and original rockabilly hairstyle from the 50s: the hair is pinned up with a hair comb.

At that time short hair or high hair and curls were modern. It can be seen well on one of the icons of that time – Marilyn Monroe.

Just look and sees that this is a pimped ponytail. The hairstyle is quickly made, if you set the curls. You need a plug comb in hair color from the drugstore and a few Bobby pins for this also. With such a plug comb you can stick your hair without hair clips up right safe and easy.

Look here first for the basis of this hairstyle. You must place the Pincurls, otherwise you get the waves and curls not in the right places. Sorry, only the work, then the pleasure… Continue reading Rockabilly Hairstyle – Cute Curls with Hair Comb

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