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Month: March 2017

Patent Dispute: Apple and Ericsson Withdraw Lawsuits

Is the next big patent dispute in the mobile industry: Apple and the network equipment supplier Ericsson agree after almost a year of judicial proceedings. In the conflict between the iphone producers and the network equipment supplier, it was among other things to the cellular standards GSM technologies and LTE. Apple Ericsson pays royalties and initially a one-off payment for the agreement limited to seven years. About the height the silent group.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones, Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG & co.

Dispute over fees for standard patents

Apple had accused in the January 2015 following the expiry of the previous agreement the world’s largest network equipment supplier, to set the fees for standard patents to high and went to court. Ericsson sued affiliated for the injury of more than 40 patents and wanted to certify themselves by a judge that the required level of royalty payments is appropriate. Special rules apply for such patents that belong to the hard core of standards. Holder must grant licenses to fair conditions and without discrimination. On the question of what is a fair price, there are but always dispute. Continue reading Patent Dispute: Apple and Ericsson Withdraw Lawsuits

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Breakdown: Apple Here Shows The New Macbook?

The way of working the rumor mill with Apple products is known: is a new iphone or ipad first arrived in the major markets, it takes normally just a few weeks, until the first alleged details of the successor model emerge. In addition, there are mostly still shaky images from the manufacturing facilities in China, which allegedly show the first parts of the upcoming devices and further fueling the speculation. But this time Apple ensured may itself, that there is to see a still unpublished product and the new macbook.

Apple Watch, macbook retina & co.: new

Visit to Apple

Basis for the speculation serves as a new edition of the show visits the company from Cupertino 60 minutes of the American channel CBS, in the Charlie Rose and talks with numerous members of the Executive floor. There were not only Apple CEO Tim Cook company, on the topic of encryption, privacy and security and to the States in the Asian contract factories, Apple’s question and answer. Even Apple’s retail Chief Angela Ahrendts and the long-standing Chief Designer Jonathan Ive, the company came to Word. Continue reading Breakdown: Apple Here Shows The New Macbook?

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Expired: New O2 Network Test And Top Mobile Phone With LTE Rate Clear

Test in 60 cities & surroundings

Our site and O2 make 60 readers exclusive testers in 60 large and small cities in Germany. In the last phase, there are ten cities you can see in the map above. By the way: The applications of all rounds until to the end in the selection of who is not selected as a tester, has the opportunity to travel and high-quality Apple devices worth over 5.455 euros. In early December

Your test equipment

For each round, O2 provides 10 SIM cards with monthly 3 gigabyte including volume and LTE plus different top smartphones available. In this round there are even the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +, twice the Sony Xperia Z5 and twice the Huawei P8 four times the iphone 6 S, once the iphone 6 S plus. To every Smartphone there is O2 blue-all-in-L-flat rate three gigabyte including volume and ten to twelve months run time (blocked roaming), the usually 39.99 Euro monthly costs. After a year, you can request the flat rate charge continue.

60 network testers wanted: apply now! Just call your town and favorite application on the mobile phone. Continue reading Expired: New O2 Network Test And Top Mobile Phone With LTE Rate Clear

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XXL Gift Purchasing Consultant For Christmas About 400 Tests!

The Christmas Countdown is mercilessly, 24 December is sooo close and you have still not all gifts together? At most expensive technology presents the purchase wants to be well-planned: which Tablet fits best to the or to the loved one? On the multifunction device has one long joy? Records action cam XY smoothly including the Christmas hustle and bustle? Because nobody wants to buy the proverbial pig in a poke, our site help image with this purchase consultant and numerous tests, to keep track! Here you will find only the best products in the categories of Tablet PC, wireless router, ebook reader, multi function devices, cameras and action cams.

A Smartphone, TV or laptop are on your wish list? Under the Christmas tree should a sound bar, wireless speakers, or headphones be? In the first part of the large Christmas purchasing consultant of Our site you will find the best products in the mentioned device categories! Continue reading XXL Gift Purchasing Consultant For Christmas About 400 Tests!

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Bargain: iphone 6S with Triple-Flat in the Vodafone Network

Tariff with triple-flat at a glance

Vodafone smart-L fare in the Our site Edition 1 GB more than in the original Vodafone tariff offers a monthly data volume of 1.5 gigabytes with LTE/UMTS speed (up to 21.6 Mbps) on the Vodafone network. The action plan offers also telephone and SMS flat rates to all German networks (fixed/mobile). It costs only 39.99 Euros per month during the minimum term of 24 months. If you do not cancel it then costs 44,99 Euro per month. The one-off connection fee is eliminated, thus you save 29,99 Euro. Along with the tariff, s is the iphone 6S 16 GB with free choice of color for unique 19.95 euro. Without a contract the device when Apple 739 euros.

Data surcharge under control have

Before you have maxed out your monthly surfing quota amounting to 1.5 gigabyte once Vodafone informs you via SMS. You will then automatically receive the option speedgo enables you up to three times to extend your LTE / UMTS budget per month to each 100 megabytes for the price of 2 euros each. You do not want that you reject just slowly speedgo with the response SMS. Browse then according to the need of your inclusive budget with reduced speed by the end of the month. Continue reading Bargain: iphone 6S with Triple-Flat in the Vodafone Network

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Honor 7 in the Test: The Smart Alternative?

With the honor of 7 Huawei has landed a hit at least, when measured by the pre-orders in the first week. Nine million Chinese wanted to have it immediately. The recipe for success: Lush equipment meets a small price and the technology is in a metal housing. Is the honor of 7 at the end of the clever, alternative to the premium product Huawei Mate S from private home because significantly more favourable? After all, the almost same chipset on the go brings both Android smartphones.

Design: metal instead of glass

While the honor of 6 glass is determined, is the honor of 7 in an aluminum unibody, resembling a scaled down version of the Huawei Mate 7. Slightly rounded at the edges, it sits comfortably in the hand and feels high quality. However the framework does not stretch to the display and in side view, it looks like a thick slice would be set up. This design and the stately weight ensure that the honor of 7 appears not quite as refined as the expensive competition. The pages accommodate an additional hardware button, which can be free to demonstrate in addition to the mandatory volume buttons and a grooved power button. On the front, give the Chinese a home button, ship the activated from almost any angle and precisely functioning fingerprint sensor to the rear. Awkward intervention to unlock is eliminated effectively in everyday life. Continue reading Honor 7 in the Test: The Smart Alternative?

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Tariffs with Smartphone: Blast Deals for Star Wars-Start

Spar mobile skin a real Smartphone killer L Deluxe out there along with an iphone 6 S (16 GB) at the absolute bargain price with the tariff Vodafone smart. Monthly 39.99 Euros on the tariff with allnet – SMS flat rate and 1.5 gigabytes in the LTE network from Vodafone. The iphone 6s (for the test) in space grey, silver, gold or pink gold for unique 19.95 euro there.

Conclude the contract directly with Vodafone, pay for the comparable fare Red 1.5 including iphone 6S (16 GB) 2 years proud 410 euro more.

For sale: Vodafone smart L Deluxe with iphone 6

For infrequent callers

Who, however, barely on the phone and texting, but frequently uses the mobile Internet, takes a look at the second spar mobile offerings: the provider puts together the Huawei honor 7 (for testing) and the collective smart surf O2 special from mobilcom-Debitel to a package. The latter contains inclusive volume for 14.99 Euros per 50 free minutes and-SMS, as well as 1 gigabyte per month. The Smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer costs 4.95 euros. Continue reading Tariffs with Smartphone: Blast Deals for Star Wars-Start

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Samsung Galaxy S7: That’s How We Want The Phone!

With the Galaxy S6, Samsung introduced loads of new technology: the aluminium frame contains a backside made from glass, and the special edition Galaxy S6 edge comes with a revolutionary display wrapped around the sides of smartphones. Unfortunately, Samsung waived a slot for SD cards and a changeable battery. Because features these mean a lot to many customers, our site came up with all-new design for the Galaxy S7 which combines all the fancy new stuff with the beloved features of older generations. So please, Mr. Samsung build this! Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S7: That’s How We Want The Phone!

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Honor Band Z1: 1 Euro Offer Heated Tempers


This little surprisingly rapidly and for honor backfired? The 100 honor band-Z1 action devices blast price of 1 euro hiked in fractions of a second over the virtual counter. Now they are completely sold out. Unsuccessful interested parties must settle for now with a discount of 30 euro. Now, the critical and above all disillusioned votes accumulating in the Internet community.

On the Facebook page of our site readers criticize the promotion. Also on the honor Facebook presence, angry buyers complaining, especially the overloaded server for displeasure. A more nuanced picture emerges in a Community contribution to the bargain Portal mydealz: talk a publicity stunts and gambling, report other users successful orders proof photo included. Were you successful in a pre-Christmas lottery? What do you think of such limited offers a special bargain price? Voice your opinion as a comment (below)! Continue reading Honor Band Z1: 1 Euro Offer Heated Tempers

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Telecom Pulse In The Test: Android Tablet On Sale For 30 Euro!

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Telecom Tablet looks rather cheap with his white plastic housing will quickly grungy look with heavy use. But for 50 euros, customers get a properly-equipped Android tablet with comparatively long battery life (almost 9,5 hours) and an acceptable pace of work. Per order this product at Amazon acceptable image quality proper pace of work decent battery life memory expandable counter low brightness only Wi-Fi n satisfying any LTE – or UMTS version only for Telekom customers test note of the editorial 3,47 user rating now write a

Christmas offer of Telekom

Early Christmas gift for Telekom customers: the company has lowered the price of its already cheap Android tablets (originally according to the tariff from 50 euros) for a short time. Until 31 December 2015, and as long supplies last get all customers with existing Internet and fixed contract the Telecom pulse at a reduced price of 29.99 euros. There are also shipping 6.95 EUR, which account for when you pick up at the local telecom shop though. On an action page, prospective customers will find the appropriate order. Below read the our site test report to the Telecom pulse. Continue reading Telecom Pulse In The Test: Android Tablet On Sale For 30 Euro!

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Medion Erazer P7644: Aldis Gaming Notebook In The Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Clear the Hannah P7644 is a bargain not 899 euro for a gaming notebook of this class are but fair. Especially as to the very well-equipped Aldi South model in the test made no major weaknesses: the tempo is high, the quality of the image also. Also, is it quiet even under full load and remains pleasantly cool at the bottom. Per very high labour and game speed good image quality (932 GB) HDD and SSD (238 GB) Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 4.0 low operating noise contra something tight battery life weight a few expansion options mark of the editorial 2.12 well all gifts together? If not: Aldi Süd provides five days before Christmas the Medion erazer P7644 in the shelves. The Windows-10 device for 899 euros on paper as a gaming laptop goes through with large 17-inch display, new Skylake processor and Maxwell graphics chip. Whether it is a pleasure not only on the gift table, but also gambling, clarifies the test. Continue reading Medion Erazer P7644: Aldis Gaming Notebook In The Test

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Tesla: iphone Sleeves Made From Nappa Leather

Out leather of rest of is a Smartphone case

already for a long time the electric car manufacturer offered Tesla Motors in his shop in addition to Accessories for the vehicles also T-Shirts, gloves and handbags, carrying all of the company’s famous logo. So not enough: Just in time for Christmas Tesla expanded engine range to iphone sleeves. Special feature: The sleeves are rest of leather that are incurred during the production of the Tesla seat covers made and therefore from the same high quality nappa leather.

Tesla model S (1st generation)

Multiple versions

Tesla offers its new sleeves in two designs: one in a 45 U.S. dollars-expensive basic version, the sole purpose of which is that to protect iphone from damage. On the other hand, there are the so-called Wallet case, which cost$ 5 more, for it offers but also three bays for credit cards on the back. Also protects the Wallet case according to Tesla Motors the unauthorized reading of RFID chips. Continue reading Tesla: iphone Sleeves Made From Nappa Leather

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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Test of the First Windows-10 Smartphones

Test verdict: What you should know

Long smartphones are touted as a computer in your pocket, but never before a manufacturer has thought so consistently these thoughts to end such as Microsoft with the 950 XL. For simpler tasks or video screenings it can replace even the PC. But also as a mobile shooting thanks to strong display and one of the best smartphone cameras ever back to the top. Disadvantage: The battery life is mau. Best price on the Internet: 279.00 euro * per device order this product at Amazon with accessories as Windows-10 PC usable sharp display high speed memory expandable battery replace Wireless charging integrated unlock via iris-scan against poor battery life tenuous UMTS reception mark of editorial 2.19 well user rating (from 3 reviews) for almost two years Microsoft had resisted the competition for new top smartphones. That deadline is now: with the Lumia presented in autumn 950 XL and the little brother of Lumia 950 is Microsoft back in the ring. In addition to strong hardware, the operating system plays an important role here: the two Lumias are the first smartphones with installed Windows 10 mobile, the cheap Lumia 550 should follow shortly thereafter. Our site wanted to know: what does the new smartphone flagship Lumia 950 XL? And how it benefits from Windows 10? Continue reading Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Test of the First Windows-10 Smartphones

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