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Month: July 2016

Rumor of the Day: Amazon is Getting Closer to Offer Streaming Music

Rumors that Amazon is about to fight for space in the segment of streaming audio are becoming stronger. According to an article published recently by The Wall Street Journal , the company already has ongoing negotiations with major players in the music industry, including, Universal, Sony Music and Warner.

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Samsung Circular Smartwatch 2016

Smart watches with more traditional round shapes are in vogue. The market monopoly in portable electronics last year so far, however, no such product in its catalog. These are giant Samsung, which maybe considered soon to correct this lack in the series Gear. Currently there is no official announcement of the manufacturer to develop such a widget, but rumors around the web informed that the new product is codenamed Orbis and will be presented to technological event MWC (March 2 to 5 in Barcelona). Summarize information from several sources, but the most detailed novelties found on the pages of specialized (for Samsung) portal SamMobile. Interesting image appeared on page patent organization WIPO.

The most interesting detail in future device should be rotating frame (bezel) of the hull, which by rotation and pressure will control different functions depending on the context. This basic management tool will allow acceptance and rejection (by pressing) of incoming calls divert to voicemail, send prepared messages, view notifications, scroll and select menus, control over the main applications (alarms, Find My Device, Weather, applications, music, etc.). It is contemplated and opening of API (and accordingly SDK) for developers, which will allow the use of a rotating frame (or ring) in external applications.

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Pink Sunglasses

Ready to discover the pink sunglasses for summer, the most romantic of 2016? Be enticed by the selection in our gallery with the most trendy models for warm weather wear with style!

If the Pantone Rose Quartz is one of the trendiest colors of the year, may not be one of the protagonists of the pink sunglasses collections spring summer 2016? From shaded lenses to metal frames in acetate or lightweight nylon fiber and titanium, the palette ranges widely, going from soft pink to baby pink, through more intense tones of Fuchsia and cyclamen. Read Pauldigo for more guides about sunglasses. Continue reading Pink Sunglasses

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Furla Handbags 2015-2016

Furla 2015, the autumn/winter conquers us with a chromatic palette decidedly chipper. Among cases, shopper and mini-bag, whatever doesn’t go unnoticed is the inspiration for this new line of accessories, which seems to come straight from some quarters of figurative art. We discover together the most beautiful models!

Colorful, cheerful and irreverent: Furla presents the new collection of handbags fall winter 2015/2016, a line of accessories inspired by the world of art and with a color palette that does not go by unnoticed. Continue reading Furla Handbags 2015-2016

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Kids Bedroom Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are a great idea for decorating the nursery. They love both drawings of their favorite characters like Spiderman or Disney, but also how to DIY stickers with recycled materials or with a homemade stencil. Let’s see how are these beloved wall murals.

Many parents like to color the walls of children’s bedrooms with great designs and wall decals. Often, however, these great kids stickers cost as much. Continue reading Kids Bedroom Wall Stickers

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How to Choose a Good Sports Bra

When choosing the right sports bra to keep in mind that it does not depend only on the size of the circuit and the cups, but also on what type of action it will take.

Many women do not fit the bra as it should. You can not possibly choose the right size or shape of a bra? And your back hurts and every movement you feel pain in your chest? We need not be at all surprised, because only one in five women know how to choose the appropriate size and shape of your bra. As for sports bras, they require slightly higher claims and their choice is even more complex. Now we advise in this article, what in the selection of sports bras really matters and what we must not forget.

While choosing the right sports bra to keep in mind that it does not depend only on the size of the circuit and the cups, but also on what type of sporting activity, we will use it. Furthermore, it is necessary to select a bra for you from the most pleasing and most of the functional material. Not every bra meets these parameters and is suitable for sports. Not only health, but also the breasts have only one. Completely forget about buying cheaper bras from hypermarkets or even the Vietnamese market. Such never fails to fulfill its role as a sports bra. Investing in expensive quality bras are worth. During sporting activity, you will feel a lot more comfortable, and your breasts will be much friendlier.

Choosing a bra is important especially for women with unusually large breasts, which consequently often suffer from back pain or severe chest pain during a strong movement. When wearing a bad bra chosen during sports activities with steeper movements even leads to painful tearing of muscle fibers and are often irreversible consequences in the form of a sagging breasts. Give therefore to many of the recommendations of doctors and specialists in the field and buy a sports bra with the greatest possible support for the breast. Your breasts will no longer suffer so forth, ulevíte back and comfortable you will be able to devote himself to his sporting hobbies. When you purchase a good quality bras functional materials need not worry that after prolonged use of lifts and you sweat produced it changed beyond recognition. Quality sports bras meet the strictest standards for functional underwear – a great sweat on the face side are still flexible, hold their shape after washing and dry very quickly. (One great model sports bra I present to you here in

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Sunglasses for Summer 2016

Fashion accessories: Oliver Peoples sunglasses summer 2016, here’s what has the American brand! Female allure wearing sunglasses and vintage, but there are more sporty models: we discover all new Oliver Peoples sunglasses collection for the summer 2016.

With summer fast approaching a good pair of sunglasses becomes necessary: choose quality is not just a matter of style, but also of health. The big fashion houses and brands dedicated point always very on innovation and research of materials able to protect our eyes from the Sun’s rays. The brand Oliver Peoples, luxury brand born in 1987 in the United States, is part of this club of high quality. The brand with different types of sunglasses, now owned by Luxottica group (, presented his collection of sunglasses for summer 2016: we discover the highlights! Continue reading Sunglasses for Summer 2016

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Review of Makeup Remover

Hi guys, all right!?

Last month the Marina of 2beauty launched a cosmetics line in partnership with Sephora. One of the products is this makeup remover cream with Argan oil. I think it’s different and I was curious to try it out. How had a promotion on the website of Sephora, 15% discount on all purchases, I tried to buy, without conscience, to test! RS

It costs 26 reais, a price until well friend, and left me by 22.10. The packaging is cute, a little pot small and sturdy. And has a plastic cap inside to help seal the product. Is a white cream pretty consistent and with a soft, lightweight, smell of cinnamon (cinnamon for me lol). No full characteristic of argan oil, but he has enough oil in composition and is very hydrating. When we spread the skin looks good shiny and “luscious”.

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