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Month: May 2016

Nokia Pureview 808 – A Leap in Audio Recording

Record with the sound quality of certain environments is something that many is only possible with professional video and audio equipment. Videos of rock concerts, shows, musicals, noise of engines in formula 1, or even the sound of a waterfall don’t usually have a good fidelity or, at least, a decent quality when recorded with cell phones. The same goes for the vast majority of compact cameras, which has sound and audio quality with a quality bad, blown sounds more like the noise, that sounds itself.

Nokia Pureview 808

In a market dominated by Androids and by Apple, Nokia ( had to bet on the quality of your devices to try to win space on television the Smartphone market. In conjunction with Microsoft and the Windows operating system, use the Pureview 808, and their sensational camera, you just have to add in the Smartphone market.

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Tips for Perfect Wedding

If you are invited in the coming months to a wedding, it is highly recommended that when choosing your look, it takes into account the following tricks to become the perfect guest:

-Dresses for a wedding day: for a day wedding dresses short, pastel or soft is recommended. You can also use the design with floral fabrics in weddings that take place in the morning. Without a doubt, it is time to wear hats, hats or headdresses. For strapless dresses, I advise you that Bullfighter use cut jackets or shawls.

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Milan Vintage Week 2016

If close to Milan from today Friday 6 until Sunday, November 8, in the enchanting surroundings of the fashion Riccardo Grassi in via Piranesi 4 showrooms, you cannot miss the fourth edition of Milan Vintage Week.

10 good reasons not to miss the Milan Vintage Week

  1. The exhibition of Valentino (ANGELO archive) that tells, through eighteen elegant gowns timeless Italian style of a great couturier who knew how to give shape to the desire of women’s beauty.
  2. Fixed appointments with beauty: the Beauty Lounge, daily from 11 to 20, free make-up sessions, hair styles in retro style. Every day at 15, also Make-up study: the make-up artist Catherine Todd will make a tutorial to explain how to make a perfect make-up 50’s, 60’s, 70’s.
  3. Personal Shopper: every day from 12 to 20, the young blogger Serena Autorino of The Peter Pan collar will help the most undecided in purchasing and will photograph the most interesting look. Continue reading Milan Vintage Week 2016
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Cheap Wedding Dresses For Night

Wedding is what occurs throughout the year, but there are certain seasons where the wedding celebrations abound, surely that you you has already arrived for the celebration of a wedding invitation, for the how you need a model of elegant dress, so then I want to share some models of cheap evening wedding dresses which are beautiful models that are fashionable.

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The Most Beautiful 10 Bags

Stylish, sacred, priceless: it is the it-bag, the immortal bags, worn by the most important women in the world, so famous by make history.
There is an accessory that, if you’re a woman you can not really understand the immense importance: the bag
Always this wonderful fashion item accompanies us women in the big and small moments of life.

Today we have thousands and thousands of forms, colors, fabrics. The we choose based on trends, taste, personality, style.

Let’s face it: we are never satisfied when it comes to bags as described on

But as much as fashions change, there are bags that do not have time, do not bend to change, continuing to make the brand that created them, real luxury models for all generations.

It is the it-bag. Bags that have made the history of fashion. Who does not age, they do not follow trends.

That from the moment they were created, they have done nothing to aim for the top, never down.

They are the most desirable, those that any woman would want to have, not only for their great beauty or elegance.

There is definitely something more. There is something magical, spiritual, in an it-bag . Something that only we women can understand.

An it-bag is expensive, often produced in the past and sometimes, dedicated to famous people with their lives we have been able to give real emotions.

It is a bag that is expressed by itself, it does not need to match. Speaks for itself, he lives off its own light.

These are the 10 en-bag immortalundisputed, who will resist to any weather and, by doing spiritual, will endure for ever and ever.

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As promised it’s time that you reveal what struck me most in Amsterdam in Gassan diamond factory: the line of jewelry Choices by Deborah Leeser. You thought between the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and the precious outfits for the bride -may I forget orange blossom-scented, but really it was just a way to test your attention.

The jewelry Choices

By now you know I love colored stones-when are natural-and that is why I noticed the jewelry Choices when I went in the jewelry Gassan in the central square of Amsterdam.Hoping to talk to those who signed the line, Debora Leeser, I headed into his diamond factory. Continue reading JEWELRY CHOICES: THE CREATIONS OF DEBORA LEESER

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How to Load a Backpack

Even the best backpack isn’t effective and causes back pain if not adjusted properly or if it has not been prepared optimally. For a trek to success it is important to adjust the height of the body. By allocating the optimum weight walking better and increases balance.

How to set your backpack optimally?

  1. To try the backpack you should upload it (ca. 8 kg) and then to loosen all straps. Wear the backpack.
  2. Place the lap belt one half of the hip (place to stick out the bones) and tighten. Extreme parts of the pad should protrude approximately 3cm from the sides.
  3. Tighten the shoulder straps so the main weight is still divided on the lap belt. The shoulder padding should be in contact with the body. The adjustment straps at the end of the shoulder straps should be up to the armpits. If they are too high means that the height of the dorsal fin is too low (the shoulder straps are too tight or drift away). If they are too low means that the spine is too long (irritation on neck and arms).
  4. Close and tighten the chest strap until you get a comfortable position without compromising breathing. The chest strap stabilizes the shoulder straps and distribute the weight properly.
  5. Adjustment strapsDepending on the terrain, the adjustment straps allow to increase freedom of movement (loosen in case of land) or improve load distribution (in case of difficult terrain). In order to ensure an optimal function, the adjustment straps have an angle of 45° (30° to 60° max.).

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Mini Dog Food: Children by the Instagram

Make your own clicks “look of the day” is no longer a trend for a long time. Moms and not only the famous show all her talent fashion in time to dress your babies!

They just learning how to ride and have a pair of stilettos. The new generation fashion for which we pray asking for the abolition of “looks”,  already showing its face from a very early age. If we thought that Tavi–owner of the blog Style Rookie who burst in 2009, when the mini fashionista and she especially had just 12 years–was the most frighteningly young of a generation which absorbs information with amazing speed (and still produces trends long before decorate your tables), were wrong.

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Android or iPhone? What is the Best?

When dealing with the world of mobile phones, where we deal with fans of Android and iPhone fans arguing about which model is best, which has the best settings, the best software. Becomes almost a discussion between teams, where one side wants to prove better than the other and one tries to be the winner of the debate.

There are several aspects that should be tested on each of the operating systems and we can’t assume that an always wins over the other. That’s because there’s always going to depend on what the user wants for your phone and not what you want for your cell phone user.

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Fastest Method of Picture Frames

Sometimes you’ll want to just have a small frame to your photos. There are many methods for precisely to hit an image zoom. But here comes an insanely fast and quite nyfrisk method to build a frame onto an image. Or what if you want the wide white border around the entire picture? Or a wide white with little transparency?

Now I show you what to do, without working with layers, to create frames of images in Photoshop.

  1. Open an image.
  2. Go to menu Edit > Fill
  3. Choose Pattern and beat Scripted pattern s to. See now that secret giveaway to the big and totally festive frame workshop.

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