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Month: April 2016

Android Smartphones are Becoming More Popular

New Record Sales of Smart Phones with the Android Operating System

With the operating system Android 2013 over 200 million smartphones were sold in the third quarter worldwide – that emerges from the analysis of a market research company. So are smartphones with operating system Android as popular as never before.

According to market researchers Strategy Analytics 2013 world 251.4 million smartphones were sold in the third quarter – 204,4 million of which were equipped with the Android operating system. This is an increase of 57.7 percent to 2012.

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Wrap Dresses for Women of 50 Years

Fashion elegant dresses mostly this tilted toward young girls, but this does not mean that for older women don’t have some options of beautiful evening dresses.

Today fashion has evolved enough, thanks to this it is must be models of dresses to suit all tastes and all ages. Now I want to show a wide variety of exclusive dresses for the ladies of 50 years.

If it is that he is 50 years old, a little more or less, can’t stop the heavy fashion. No matter the age so always you look radiant, more now that they have beautiful evening dresses for ladies.

Short dress

New fashion trends bring us beautiful short dresses for the ladies, dresses that have a spectacular design that will help you take some years off.

A good choice is this black long-sleeved dress, cleavage sexy well pronounced that help give a more youthful touch of subtle way. Details in golden color that has in the waist area make it a quite elegant garment. A good idea is to supplement it with an animal print portfolio.

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The Second Shoe

Every bride has a spectacular pair of shoes. Although a priori can think that shoes will be very little on your wedding day the reality is that at the end, when you choose shoes that you fall in love, you end up teaching them much more than what you had imagined. At some point you arise you dress to show, there will be other times when your friends ask you to see the shoes and surely more than one guest lifts you a little dress back to see them unless you know…

During the preparations for your wedding and once you’ve bought those shoes that fell in love with you soul will reach one million questions. “do you bought me a shoe then?”. This question, like most associated with the wedding theme, has a very personal response. As I said in, if you’re in heels, you may clear that you won’t need to get 10 cm to enjoy throughout the party, now, if you’re return home barefoot and with them in the hand, it is clear that you have to carry a shoe then.
The truth is that the day you are the bride, you do not carry bag and have a place where to store everything that you desire so… why not make and bring a more comfortable shoes? A by itself perhaps. OK, Saturday coming from fiesta ses not the most comfortable option take a big bag so that some dancers and the heels when you change. And if you are from the North and add an umbrella in case it rains already know you what size star bags in winter… but let’s go back and as we said before, you are the bride and that day won’t have to load this so yes to the second shoe but then don’t you put it!!

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Beautiful Casual Fashion Dresses with Sleeves

These casual fashion dresses are part of the most beautiful clothes that mark the more feminine side of every woman, there are different styles, design, models and forms, of which you can choose the most beautiful dress that will allow you to look comfortable and radiant. Dresses are not only clothing reserved for special occasions, but that also has some models of casual dresses that you can use for day to day or for any casual occasion.

Now I share with you different styles of casual dresses that are currently fashionable, which are characterized by having a versatile style, so you can use it in day to day or even for any event where you want to look a little more fixed, without reaching a look very elegant, formal or striking look special. Then I leave you with some options of casual female dresses.

He wears a patterned dress

There is nothing more beautiful and ideal for summer than a dress with floral prints, this type of dresses are a classic and stand out much because it can be combined with almost everything and for having a rather feminine touch. Dresses with floral prints are the most commonly used by all the girls, allowing you to achieve a look feminine and original.

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5 Tips For Shooting With The Galaxy Note 3

Shooting with modern smartphones nowadays is great fun because the quality of the recordings is very high. With the built-in 8-megapixel camera, that note 3 is installed in the Samsung Galaxy, you can shoot stunning photos. With the right settings, you can even improve the recording quality. In our guide, we tell you what they are.

5 Tips For Shooting With The Galaxy Note 3

Resolution And ISO Value

Goes note 3 in your Galaxy camera settings, open the camera app and click on the little gear. Check the resolution of your Smartphone takes pictures in the subsequent menu. Makes sure that it is set to 8 mega pixels or 3264 x 2448 pixels. Also, you should pay attention to the correct setting of the ISO value, because the lower it is, the less image noise appears on your photos. And that automatically leads to an improved quality of the recordings, which makes her touch 3 with the Galaxy. Therefore, it sets the ISO value ideally to 100. This setting provides you only good images, if the light conditions are also. Where: the darker the surroundings, the ISO value you selected should be higher. Noise is therefore hard to avoid if you want no shaky or too dark images at night.

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