2014 World Allround Speed Skating Championships

Many riders enjoy every year with many ice skating events. As world Allround Speedskating 2014 will be held at the Thialf ice rink in Heerenveen 21-23 February 2014. Both men and women will compete in this tournament for the world title on four spacers. The tournament promises to be more exciting than ever. This is because the World Allround one month after the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 will be held. Participants at the World Allround Championships will during this tournament, his season due to a failed 2014 Olympics, is trying to save. Others will have their season, after a great participation in the Olympic Games, for extra shine.

World Allround 2014 competed in Heerenveen

World Allround Speedskating

World Allround speed skating is an ice skating tournament held annually since 1889. Until 1933 only by men and women since 1933. The tournament is held usually in early February. But only in non-Olympic years. In Olympic years, which in 2014, the world Allround speed skating, held in mid-March. Until the World Allround Championships of 1995 World Cup was the All-round men and women World Allround organized separately. Until 1995 both tournaments had their own host. From 1996 World All-round Championships in Inzell, both tournaments in the same week, and in the same ice rink.
In the World Allround distance medals can be obtained at four different distances. The winner of a stretch, but can’t call themselves world champions won away. In the World Allround namely when it comes to the ranking of the four distances together. Based on driving times will be a ranking and then both women and men on the basis of the final position in the standings has appointed a world champion.
A world at distance can only be achieved during the World Cup distance. The year 2014, because of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, no WORLD CUP Distance organised. By 2015, it will be as well organised a World Cup stages again.
Overview of the distances ridden around during the World Cup

IJsstadion Thialf Heerenveen

Just like the WORLD CUP and European Championship 2012 2013 2014 ice rink Thialf in Heerenveen routes once again honoured to host a large skating event. The Thialf Ice Stadium is the main arena in the Netherlands, but also number two on the list of the most beautiful ice rinks in the world. The track takes its name from Thialf, Thialfi, the swiftest servant Germanic God of Thunder Thor.

Attendees World Allround 2014

What skiers and riders will participate in World Allround 2014 is not yet known at this time. What is known is how many skiers and riders can participate per continent. This distribution is based on the final standings in the World Championship Allround skating 2013, which was held in Hamar in January 2013. Both men and women, ISU 24 initial state. Based on the results from the European Championships Allround in 2014, it will be clear how many skiers and riders in which each European country may be at the start of the World Cup. We will then know if the Netherlands a maximum of four skaters skiers and can send. The other parts of the world, choose drivers and countries in Asia 2014 CK and CK North America and Oceania in 2014. These tournaments are similar to the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS Allround.
The number of slots per continent
Dutch participants and participants