20 Tips to Enjoy the Sweater!

The sweater vests are your best friend. They’re an essential part of our wardrobe. Knitting is a well-appreciated material. Winter is about clothing that keeps you cozy, besides making you look stylish.

Many of the styles remain relevant today. So black is an excellent choice if you intend to wear the sweater every week because you can easily change the appearance and use it with various clothes. You can also put a tie underneath the sweater, but it’s not necessary. Ideally you feel the will and comfortable and heated, of course! hahaha

But that change the look the sweater really changes, it’s a super nifty piece that combines with countless occasions, I particularly love to use! Even because if you feel warmth, you just throw it in the neck and make it a scarf, or still tie the sweater around the waist, many do that!

Let’s go to the inspirations right!

I love to inspire you and pick up the tips here on how to combine colors, textures, this is challenging and you have to go trying, until you figure out your style and go ahead! Or you hire me for an imaging consultancy that I recommend to do the job. =]

So, you like some style? Have you got the hang of it? Now let’s go out and take advantage = D


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