15 News from Android M Developer Preview 2

Is it now to download the second version of Android M Developer Preview to the 5 Nexus, Nexus 6, 9 Nexus and Nexus Player. It is the first and penultimate update from the previous version of Android M until Google releases the final version in the last quarter of the year.

Android M Developer Preview 2 It is not one simple minor update, it comes with enough news that you come to improve even more to Google’s operating system. The developments seen in the first version of Android M now we need to add the following changes:

New applications drawer

The applications drawer again to be renewed. Now your browser maintains separate and Removes separator lyrics Google implemented in the first pre-release.

Fast scrolling in the drawer boxes

In the drawer of widgets now we can move quickly sliding your finger from his right side looking for the letter of the widget that you want to add.

Remove the prediction of applications

Drawer Android M applications by default will show us in the first position four applications that are most commonly used in the current time of day according to Google. Now in this new version through the settings of the application of Google we can disable this prediction of applications.

Landscape mode on the desktop to mobile

Also in the settings of the application of Google we can also allow for the rotation of the application launcher, or what is the same: activate the horizontal desktop mobile.

Now playing (not available)

Now when playing not available until the final version of Android M, but now from the settings of cards Now already we can activate or deactivate this option. If we try to make use of it inform us that it is not yet available.

Remove the status bar icons

If in the previous pre-release we could customize Quick settings now in this second pre-release we can remove some of the icons in the status bar from the UI of the system configurator.

Show the percentage of the battery icon

In the UI of the system configurator also we can now show the percentage of the battery from your status bar icon.

Demo mode

Also in the UI of the System Builder we find now the new demo mode, that is a mode designed so developers can do demonstrations and take screenshots always showing the same status bar, clean notifications, with the signals of network to maximum coverage, with full battery icon and the hour making mention of the Android version, in this case to the Android 5.2?

Delete screenshot from its notification

To make a screenshot in your notifications now have the option of eliminating it.

Section storage with File Explorer

The storage settings have been redesigned to be more consistent with the rest of the interface. At the end added a access to your file Explorer to be able to delete or move files and folders.

Paragraph renewed memory

Paragraph Memory It is accessible from the main view settings and receives a complete makeover. Just enter memory will see the average of all device memory use, allowing us to see the use in 3, 6, 12 hours and a day. Then we will see the memory used by applications.

USB to only load default

Now by default, and for safety, when connecting a USB cable to your device by default it will be only in mode load. We have to press its notification to change the mode to transfer files.

Search engine settings only in the general listing

The search engine’s settings already will only be available from your main view and not in all paragraphs to avoid the confusion that caused the user to find this search engine in certain settings, as in the application manager, already the user hoped that by using the search engine you ever leak applications and what he did was filter settings.

Direct access to the advanced settings of the application

The application manager adds a shortcut to the advanced settings.

Number of configured applications

Finally, now in these advanced settings to configure applications, now it will show us the number of applications with access to each of the permits, the number of applications that can open their links, and the number of applications that are ignoring battery optimizations.