12 Tips To Wear When You Are Pregnant

When a woman is pregnant her body slowly begins to live different changes, gradual, that Yes, but just in a bigger belly and maybe a few pounds more.

12 Tips To Wear When You Are Pregnant

This makes that the usual clothing is not too well and that we should look for alternatives to spend those months of transition before returning to the dressing of always.

Is for this reason that today we are going to offer twelve tips to wear when you are pregnant in order to bring ideas and make clear that the most important thing is to be comfortable.

  1. Comfort is the most important thing: that said, the main thing is to seek comfort. If you are going to go buy some clothes, purchase that do well at the moment and buy something to go a little big, so always you’ll have something to wear.
  1. Looking for ideas in maternity shops (such as pants and extender from Bestaah.com): there are various solutions such as rubber bands, velcro or rubber buttons that can be used to be able to continue using the usual clothes. A widely used resource is to wear long pants with fully open fly and a rubber band sewn so that, in addition to cover, it provides elasticity to the waist.
  1. Take advantage of things you already have: clothes you may have come a little big or perhaps a jersey or shirt of your partner, who does not plan to change all the clothes for a few months.
  1. The waist should be wide and comfortable: changes the waist of skirts and pants rubber by a more elastic or more loose or even change it to a string. In this way will not tighten never (when if the rubber becomes its safe limit which will end by tightening too). If you are using socks, that are of wool or cotton, and with good wide waist so they do not tighten.
  1. Used clothing made with natural fabrics: choose clothes that are cotton, wool or silk. It is more comfortable than garments with synthetic and also are better if it is hot, as it is now, that there are days that not want or go out.
  1. Overlapping of garments: is better to carry two fine garments that a thick. Thus, if at some point you have heat or are bothersome, you can take off the clothing.
  1. Or prints, or stripes: when the figure begins to be rounded up and her belly begins to grow prints and t-shirts with stripes tend to highlight even more the differences. Let’s say that basic, solid-colored garments, typically most favored figure.
  1. Elastic, but which do not tighten: tissues that occur are more comfortable because it is accompanied by gestures that we make the move without limitations, but better not be too tight.
  1. Keep something for special occasions: it could happen that at some point you had to get ready, so it might be good idea having some dress that not sticks to the waist, black trousers that can dress or other more elegant garments.
  1. Don’t waste too much: as we have already said, the idea is not to spend too much, since it is a transitional stage. Before buying try to get some clothes for that friend who was pregnant recently and don’t know where to put the clothes used.
  1. Take care of your feet: you are increasing weight and center of gravity of your body changes, so your feet must walk with more weight and slightly changed props. Walking barefoot whenever you can and used shoes and comfortable slippers. If it can be, it dispenses with heels (for convenience).
  1. Use a proper bra: chest usually change during pregnancy, so you have to go adapting the size as needed. If it can be get some comfortable, which under the cups have a broadband and also wide and adjustable straps. Read more on Bestaah.com.

I have offered the twelve tips for time to wear when you are pregnant that have seemed us more interesting. If any more occurs to you, please do not hesitate to say so. You are mothers that more ideas and tricks you have in this respect because you are that live in first person, so I said: hope your tips.