11. Dance Lessons that We Learned from the Film

One of the worst things that can happen in a cinema go to see a musical without knowing it. The footplate mental, in the middle of the plot, all the characters matching to sing and dance as professionals in the middle of the courtyard of the Institute, in a garage or on the street, it is brutal. Musicals can like it or not, but to see who is the brave who can say that he does not know the dances some of these movies… of which we have learned great lessons.

Essence of woman

Al Pacino taught us to dance Tango: the sensual dance par excellence, become a meeting so elegant that you don’t have to see to feel it. And left us the lesson of not pity we ourselves and learn to turn the page.


With Grease came to us the Rock ‘n’ roll. Grease Lightning pace all feel the need to throw the jacket into the air and dance as if we were in that workshop. But not only learned to move the body: also understood that you there is better age to find oneself that the adolescence. And thanks to Rizzo, We value the importance of using contraceptives, Of course.

Shall we dance?

Also at rate of Tango, and overflowing sensuality, Richard Gere He taught us that the dance can help us to get out of the rut, without the fact that Jennifer Lopez is the teacher has (almost) nothing to do.

Singin’ in the rain

This movie taught us to dance… tap dance! Whenever we see it, we go back to realize that the talent can not hide and that, if we don’t have it, we at least know that It is always a good time to sing and dance in the middle of the street. Always. (And finish seized to a lamppost is almost mandatory).

Pulp Fiction

With the twist of Uma Thurman We learned that have personality dancing and being a little weird can be Strangely sexy. Ah! So what drugs are bad, very bad.

Dirty Dancing

Who was going to tell us that the Foxtrot, the Rumba or the Mambo they would be the rebel dance with which Baby He learned every step to approaching its independence, to move away from their parents to meet with the world. Johnny He taught us not to allow No one us baby in a corner. And, by dint of practice the final dance in the intimacy, we learned to lose the sense of the ridiculous.

Full Monty

The dancing sexy of the characters of Full Monty showed us that no matter how desperate that is a situation, there is always the option of reinventing us However, always, improve dancing (not necessarily dress).


The dance pop end of Footloose is a hymn to the optimism and to the rebellion against the unfair rules. And is that if someone comes up forbid us to dance, there is no better form of protest that dancing until the sun comes.

Risky Business

To the rhythm of Rock ‘n’ roll classic, and one of those homemade dance that all have enjoyed ever, a very young Tom Cruise It taught us that the obligation of every teenager is to celebrate that their parents have left him alone in the House. And that singing in underwear using any object as a microphone is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

9 and a half weeks

It can be that the rock ballad You Can Live your Hat On either the song sexy history and the sensual dance of Kim Bassinger It is so unforgettable that always, absolutely always, that we listen, we fingiremos be doing a striptease. If we can teach a dance to explore our own sensuality, We are not going to reject the lesson.


The pop more eighties and one impeccable choreography they are perhaps leave the largest lesson for life: pursue your dreams (better if it is to the rhythm of What a Feeling). There are many possibilities to find them.