10 Ideas to Decorate with Wall Clocks

Who is not aware of the time? The clocks have been used since ancient times. Already talked about them Vitruvius the first century BC The clock such as now understand dates back to the 14th century approximately. As technology has evolved over the years have appeared new models with greater accuracy, better performance, presentation and manufacturing costs. Today, the clock, in addition to its practical function, has become an object of jewelry and even… of decoration.

10 Ideas to Decorate with Wall Clocks

Today we will show you some ideas to decorate using wall clocks. Get ready because we have very original ideas!

Maxi watch

We started with the most original idea (at least from my point of view) that we have found on homethodology.com. It is the maxi clock. I think a great way to give a very original, for example, one bedroom place, although he would marry perfectly with a dining room or a living room, for example.

Combine pictures with watches

Another option that you have is the combine pictures with watches. In this case, although it seems very simple, combine forms square with circular watches is not so easy (in that sense an decorator can help you), so some formations include square frame watches.

Clocks formed with other objects

But it is not the only way to combine them, what you think about this clock design?

The design of watches with other related objects such as… more watches!

But we can be even more original. Do you think make a clock with cups of coffee for the coffee table? The style of these cups is classic, but you could adapt this idea with your own tastes and décor. These are glued to a base, but somehow I can think of to do so without base also. Has some decorator that we read done some?

Watch in the bathroom and kitchen

They are places where know precisely what time is, is very important. We tend to see them very often in kitchens, but not so much in bathrooms, and that mornings we would be very handy to not be late to work 😉

Antique clocks

the latest idea is the use of antique clocks, as the image as opposed to a more sober style.