10 Beauty Tips For Spring – Make Beautiful Now!

Nice start in the spring – with these simple beauty tips, you again show more skin.

10 Beauty Tips For Spring - Make Beautiful Now

It’s Yes always so sudden. Hardly, gloves and Hat were filed, since we have summer temperatures even in the cool North and wife wants and must again show the long-hidden parts.

By heating air and permanent disguise skin and hair have become not necessarily beautiful: rough elbows, neglected feet, grey skin, hair sprouting where they should, etc do not sprout.

So the ladies: get to the factory, the motto!

1. Tip – Peeling against the Gray Winter Skin

A full-body peeling for me is always the WOW effect. Swift and painless, as well as no costs and within a few seconds my skin feels like new, like a freshly picked peach. How easy is BB´s:

Fill, liquid cream to plastic bowls with approx. 100 g table salt, stir, done.The mass should be nicely creamy (be not too runny and not too surface get crumbly).

Normal soaping up in the shower, shower and then with the hands spread the mass on the body (except in the face) and circular motions rub me.Hui-tingles right in the palms of the hands.

Then the mass rinse, gently wipe and it’s result BB´s.: silky soft smooth baby skin. Applying protective sunscreen is no longer necessary. Once a week, exfoliate as sufficient.

2. Tip – Adieu Say Rough Elbows

The lemon method has the strongest effect: lemon cut in half and the elbow that rub, rinse and cream. Generally provide on every hands cream with the elbow.

3. Tip – Fluffy Soft Hands and Feet in The Blink of An Eye

Although I really always cream up my hands, it suffered a lot by heating air and gloves, therefore a special treatment is recommended now.

Best over night or in the evening a few hours before bedtime: hands and feet well and thick cream, attract the best with a face mask, or cream, then disposable gloves (or saran wrap around the feet) and cotton gloves (-Socks) about it. Let soak in for as long as possible.

4. Tip – Homemade Hair Treatment for Shiny Hair

One method is to give more shine to dull hair, the time-tested hair treatment. To make it not always the cure from the Tin, easy woman can touch their hair-treatment:

Power Spa: Olive oil-egg lemon juice natural yoghurt treatment: mix all ingredients (possibly only olive oil and honey easily heat up and then the other ingredients add, apply, let (the longer the better, up to 2 hours, a half-hour ranges also), rinse, easily nachshampoonieren, finished

A rich conditioner should be massaged in the dry lengths and tips. Then hot Pack with freshness or aluminium foil and a towel turban.

Even easier and slightly slashed if woman has not all the ingredients for the cure of power in the House: use only olive oil or olive oil with an egg mix, this brings even great results.

5. Tip – Put Vinegar and Co.-Quickly Just Shine in the Hair

Who has no desire and time to a hair treatment or who can forget like I the hairstyle for fine hair after a cure for the next few days, which can also quickly bring shine:

After washing your hair with vinegar water or lemon juice water spray, depending on dilution can will remain entirely in the hair or short flush again. I stand a diffuser (old Festiger bottle with spray attachment) in the shower and spray the hair as needed after washing it. The smell of the vinegar disappears after a short time and the hair get better Combability and a beautiful shine.

Lemon juice and vinegar work due to the acidic pH astringent (astringent), which creates the cuticle layer of the hair and the light can better “mirrored” are.

6. Tip-Remove Unwanted Hair-Smooth Skin

Wax can woman in many ways:

a) shave wet or dry.Proven safety razor with a grid before (E.g. by Wilkinson or even Rai has a good razor in the program), which prevents a bloodbath in the bushes.Good for armpit and leg hair. Possibly before lubricate the skin with shaving cream, enough when I emulgiere the shower gel and carry on.

b) outgrown with cold or warm wax, cold wax strips (E.g. by veet) or Halawa (Oriental sugar, recipes please Googling).

With the waxing, I’ve had not so good experiences. It hurts a lot and can result in minor injuries. So I have an edema/bruise on his Shin for years after I had torn down the cold wax strips…

Halawa is what in my opinion for experienced women, I got it to times try not got out and was greased with this sugar but no hair was gone.

c) epilating with the Epilator.There, the development continues and there will be also devices relatively pain-free working.That’s still too nasty.

d) wax with laser or IPL.This requires the gang in a beauty salon or technical Institute.Several sessions are necessary, depending on the part of the body and attack. Pretty expensive, because may apply per session times 100,-euro. For peace to be first for the next few years. IPL (here is working with a specific frequency of light) I tried once: absolutely painless and effective. Will soon guess looking for an Institute in Bremen and will be hair-free a couple of posts.

IPL works only with dark hair, fine and light hairs can be not treated and destroyed. The Beahndlungen should be best in the autumn and winter months, because the skin is supposed to get off then not too much sun.

(e) depilatory cream (E.g. by veet) is painless and easy, however the skin smells then very specifically and come quickly (such as in shaving) the hair

f) pluck out with tweezers: useful logically only for individual hair such as the Chin.

7. Tip – Beautiful and Well Maintained Feet

Beautiful feet I make me by my beloved Podiatrist. Regular visits cost not the Earth (about 20 euro) and the feet are then like new: silky, smooth and as from Gewol advertising. I would never so get out that, also not with a semi-professional device, file and scissors. Only one woman, I can recommend this small luxury.

For in between I rub off regularly the cornea with a callous file, before I spray the rough spots with the vinegar water essence, which dissolves the skin. Well cream the cream of Horn by Gewol, is great she creates new cornea do not again so quickly.

8. Tip – Manicured and Painted Finger Nails

Can woman myself: a warm hand bath facilitates removing the cuticles with a matching chopsticks. Be careful when cutting protruding scraps of skin, this can hurt the nail bed. Cuticle remover for stubborn cases there in the drugstore that is painted on and replaces dead skin even better.

Then file your nails in shape. My favorite file is the glass file to have in every good drugstore. It lasts forever, does need to be rinsed off after filing only under running water. The only weak point: it falls in the sink or on the tiles, it cracked caution immediately – so!

Anyone can now use a nail oil, so they do not dry out nails or well cream the hands and nails. To be painted immediately, must the oil or cream of course be removed with SOAP or nail polish remover. I wait after the care always only time off with the painting, so that the nails are not too brittle care may take some time.

Paint: Colorful paint needs a clear base coat, otherwise discolor the nails in the long term.

Colored nail polish can be today perfectly matched to the outfit. There is really to buy all the colors. Not only all the nuances of red, also grey, green, blue, black etc.

Then be sure to use an excess paint, then keeps the color 1-2 weeks.

Tip 9 – Eyebrow Nice

Well shaped eyebrows put contour in each face. You open your eyes and let us appear more alert and bright. My beautician makes me the best shaped eyebrows because she not only plucks but also de-waxed. As a tiny bright hairs where it belongs then no longer found. Add a little more color on it (not too dark otherwise it looks like Charlie Chaplin), but only a nuance and already everything’s set. Graphite, for dark types of Brown what is lighter or darker depending on the exposure time is suitable for bright and blonde types. Black is much too hard.

Ask here for advice for your perfect eyebrow shape: there are round forms or with a small corner in it, depending on the natural growth, which should be stressed. If the eyebrows are once perfect in form, I pick out every few days regrowing hair and after 6 weeks I leave up the beautician again.

10 Tip – Silky Soft Lips for Tender Kisses

Wife gets rough lips so silky: once the dry lips with a soft tooth brush gently brush off to remove so the skin scraps. Then lubricate it with honey and leave. Don’t lick!

For regular use, I spoil my lips with this care: Bepanthen ointment from the pharmacy. Is actually intended for the skin, causes but real wonders.Works even on my beloved 24-hours – lipsticks. Here I leave off the enclosed care pin and instead use Bepanthen, which I easily auftupfe and let it soak in. Result: no more brittle and rough lips. Awesome!

If you have more great tips for the spring cleaning on your own body, I look forward to comments and emails. Thank you very much!